Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dangerous liasions...

Finished a coffee and two cigarettes before I could even start this story... Had no clue how to start or what to write… Still have not, but I guess sometimes you gotta step into the unknown to see light at the end of the darkness.

The story evolves around the cute boy, lets name him Mr. Blue. Then we have the intermediate boy, the joker, Mr. brown. And the relationship abuser, Mr. Yello. He is the only Finnish boy in this story. We have me, and the cutie.

For some background:

Mr. Blue shagged the cutie on the same afternoon of the night in question.

Mr. Brown does not know who Mr. Blue shagged, though he knows the existence of a friend with benefits. A note to keep in mind is that, a few months back, he was kind of downed when he learned that a nice butt standing at the bar facing him, that he had been talking about violently passionately, was the butt of a girl I saw intimately a few times, about two years before that incident.

Mr. Yello, is in a relationship, and abuses the fact by telling women that he has a girlfriend, activating the women’s “Oh he is taken. He must be a valuable man!! I need to fuck him!!” switch. Then he walks the women to their homes, with the women having the intention of screwing him, and then he tells them goodnite at their doorsteps, goes home to shag his girlfriend.

This by the way, is a nice way to show the “inexistence” of dignity for the nightlife locals, that we foreigners, on the other hand, are required to have… “You are disgusting if you are talking to me and you have a girlfriend…” Etc etc….And also explains the reason why some men use fake marriage rings in a hunting night. Women with high dignity… Yup yup…

Third person is me.. The usual me.

The fourth person,, we name her Cutie, as according to the other three men, she is a nice girl, witty, gorgeous, and fun. I can say she is good looking, but as I do not know her, that is all I can say.


The evening:

Mr. Yello has chatted up the Cutie with the usual tactics. Mr Brown is showing me these two and telling me to look at the gorgeous girl who Mr. Yello is talking to. And how much he adores her ass…

I do not say a thing…

Mr. Yello takes Cutie to a seat to isolate her. And they continue their chat.

Sometime later, the Cutie sees Mr. Blue who is sitting beside me, comes to him, and sits on his lap. Mr. Brown freaks out, “Fuck. Is that Cutie?” I laugh… Remembering my own similar story…

Mr. Yello angry faced, goes to Mr. Blue and tells to his ear, “Don’t destroy my chances”… As if these “chances” are of any use for the girl…

Then, Mr. Yello turns to me and says, “I think she is a player..”


“I think she is using Mr. Blue…”


“That is bad… She is bad…” oh. Shut the fuck up…

“Mr. Yello, look at them, how cute they are, and how much fun they have…” I say…

Mr. Yello gets pissed and leaves… His body in full tension, fists clenched.

Mr. Blue has been observing and has this smile on his face, knowing that he defeated at least one boy…

The Cutie and Mr. Blue leave the bar, while Mr. Yello goes back to his long term girlfriend, with collar of defeat on his neck….


  1. Es war ein grosse überraschung für mich,dass du SO blöd bist! Du arbeitest in Universitet und bist so dumm.
    Warum muss mann alles in die Internet schreiben,was hat mann passiert? Glaubst du so dass es ist vernünftig alles zu erzählen?
    Alles was hat mann passiert,wie haben die Mädchen gewesen oder wer hat Sex gehaben und mit wem?
    Ich bin auf dich so getäuscht:-(

  2. If cursing me raises your value of your own existence, be it.

    If me writing about truth troubles you, hate me, instead of facing the truth.

    I do not know who you are, or what you do, or even if you are in these stories.

    I respect your hate, though I need not acknowledge it or like it.

    In these stories, I do not tell about my bed, I tell about the outside. And a few stories different does not change the majority. I don't use names, nor do I use pictures.

    They are stories of truth, the incidents, not people's identities.

    Like I said, if you can't get that, you just can't....