Monday, August 10, 2009

The best pick up line

“Ola... I am Markho... I am sp-hanish... I am an exchange stud-dentt... You are beautif-hul, no?”

Said by a generic spanish to a finnish girl who had not noticed the guy before.

Two seconds delivery of the line, and the spanish dude got to pick up the goo, the molten leftovers of the girl, from the floor and take it home.

Years of observations compel me to do a public service: if you are a spanish guy coming to finland, be sure to mention spain at every opportunity.

This goes as well for french, americans, brits, scots, especially aussies. Use this info, and feel free to abuse it.

Italians need to exercise caution in making sure of coming across as a slimey bastard, which will keep the congruence with the mental image in the statistical majority of the ladies.

Oh and, if you are not from these countries, but think you can pull it off, you have my blessings. Go my young one, go. May the force be with ya.

I dedicate this post to S., the cigar smoker.

Bro, never listen to what they say. Trust your own eyes.

A reason of not listening being necessary is that ladies, as a population, have a need to create the illusion of supply being scarce.

Promise to write a long post about this once I can tie it to a story.

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  1. Hi, nice to see you back. You have interesting point of view to certain human side of finland.. keep writing, you have fascinating stories to tell.