Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That is damn bad luck

After enjoying a nice long leak, I opened the toilet door just to witness some girl shouting “Haista vittu” (Fuck off) to a guys face.

The poor boy just left with his tail between his leg, only to open up an opportunity for me to ease my curiosity.

Me: “Wow that was harsh... What did he do to deserve that?”
Her: “Nothing... “

Me: “What do you mean nothing?”
Her: “He said nothing bad...”

Me: “Wow.. .So why the “fuck off”?”
Her: “He was cute. But I am angry. Am waiting here fifteen minutes”

Just when she finishes that last sentence, the toilet door opens, and a little hipster boy exits the ladies loo together with a warpig, both tidying their hair.

That is damn bad luck. The cute boy could not have known he is getting a “fuck off” from a cute girl because of some hipster fucking a warpig... Now he is drinking his sorrows away, having an existential conflict, trying to understand why he is such a loser... Not knowing the reason was an irrelevant happening in the ladies' room...

I mean come on...

At least if the hipster was fucking some cute young perky hipster girl...

At least then there would be some point to it...

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