Thursday, August 02, 2012

Raus aus dem Euro!

Copenhagen, 3 am

Thanks to the Greek guy getting a jaeger round, ke answering with a rum round, and the Greek girl polishing it all with a round of Baileys, I am pretty Mich past being tipsy.

Standing by some hot dog stand, for the last sin of the night.

Brunette standing behind me, asks me something in danish... I think she was asking about the queue.

"What's that in English?"
"Where are you from?"
"Am German"
"I only know Angela Merkel"
"Ahh, our lesbian president" (she is not a lesbian)
"I don't like her?"
"Now why is that?"

"She does not want to pay for our welfare anymore" she says in her drunken seriousness.
"Was about time we stopped paying for your fucking hot dogs..."

The Finns also need to leave the euro. The euro has no money to lift neither Germany nor Finland, when they slip. By that time all the help given will be forgotten. Time to leave and brace for the collision with reality.

...Fuck you.

If you can't pay for welfare, you are not well fared enough to afford welfare.

Finland is getting there fast, in my opinion, Germany past that point long time ago.

Any cut in welfare will result in a civil war, open or concealed. Causing this is being progressive, saying this is  being racissss or whatever.

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