Thursday, October 18, 2012

A tale of two girls, one independent and stwong, the other, interesting

Copenhagen, the meat packing district, a beautiful summer night, having a few drinks, sitting on the beer bench.

A cute blondie sits to my sits to my right, a cute brunette sit's to my left.

We start chatting with both sides.

Both girls are very attractive, and they have friends with them, also part of the chats, but they are not related to the story.

Blonde: I am German

Brunette: I am Greek

When I say I live in Finland,

Blonde: what big companies are in Finland? We do consulting in Finland.

Brunette:  That would be too cold for me.


Blonde: nose up, looks down, " Am an assistant in a financial consulting company"

Brunette: " Am working for an energy consulting company"


Blonde: "Hamburg. Lots of businesses."

Brunette: "London. Very active city, but the weather is depressing"

Work experience:

Blond: " We just helped company xxx merge with yay, it was z million euros"

Brunette: "All flights were booked, so the company arranged a private jet, I arrived in that business airport in a summer dress, people were just looking at like who is she dating.."


Blonde: " So what is your business"

Brunette: "What do you do?"

Other conversations;

Blonde: I am independent, I am a high flyer, I am a career girl, I am stwong.

Brunette: The beaches of Greece, the clouds of London, anybody want a drink?

No more examples of comparisons of the Blonde and Brunette I can give, because one, I don't remember, and two, there is not much more the blonde said, except announcing stwength, independence, and cawweer...

The night went forward with us earthly beings having a blast of a conversation, two three hours, where the career girl was occasionally listening in, but the stwongnesss and the independence, mixed with the view of her nostrils, was not helping.

The sweetness of the brunette always made her more interesting to us, who, by sitting in the middle, were directing where the attention would concentrate.

To all the girls who have been educated in the feminist life view of women being stwong and independent, know this, being a career cunt does not make you attractive, being sweet, feminine, and friendly, does.

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