Monday, May 13, 2013

Higher mileage, higher price... What?

Nowadays women are so easy, so cheap, it's sad, she said, girl I have affection for.

It's a nice place, she said.

Decent company, she said.

My arrogance and mere presence is not enough for a fuck there, she said.

Women aged 35 and up go there, she said.

It's not a meat market, she said.

Women there are not easy, she said.

Women there require work, she said.

Just standing there with ultimate sexual confidence won't work there, she said.

Same women, who ten years ago, would jump on the dick of every guy who would arrogantly show off his sexual confidence of his cocky cock, now behaving, I said.


  1. RetrenchedMay 14, 2013

    No problem. Just stick to younger women who give it up quickly and freely. Leave the 35 yr olds for older men to entertain.

    1. AnonymousMay 14, 2013

      What man in his right mind wants a used-up 35 year-old with an attitude? Only the most sexually frustrated men would pay brand new sports car prices for a beaten up car on its last legs.

  2. Nothing to add, thanks for the comments