Friday, June 18, 2004

Two comments on my writing, and my response

On Sunday morning, the morning after the 4.30 AM text,
I was reading my newspapers to breakfast, and a very good friend, Ayca, came online...
I sent her my text,
And she commented,

“Do women take up such a big part of your life?”
“No, but its the part which I write about.... And I love women...”
“Reading you, I feel the you have changed... You are not the old sensitive cute gorgy anymore..”

“I am growing up”
“Growing up does not mean you loose your humanly values...”
“Well, while growing up I get I am taught some bad lessons..”
“Yeah, but you seem to live your life in a German porn movie taste...”
“Hahaha” I write, and shut up...
shut up..
Because she is one of the strange kind of people to have seen me... Who know me...


Same Sunday, after going to the second hand store, where I actually bought some cheap FHMs. FHM... A magazine which is so unnecessary...
I see the girl of the “dick” story..

“Hey, I’ve read your stories..”
“Funny.. But you seem to have a... hmmm...”
“This cannot be all to you..”
“It is not..”
“The stories.. You live shallow...”
“Look around... is there any relationship that is not shallow..? “
“.... .... .... .... you may have a good point there...”

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