Monday, September 27, 2004

Proof: Hidden racism

The scene: Ilves Nightclub

Time: 25.09.2004

Actors: Me – Me. Me.
Blondie – Gorgeous blonde, from stories: I am patient, and some other story which I do not remember the name of...
Playa – A friend, low profile hunter. Finnish
Cockblock – Playa’s friend, wise man, good conversation. Finnish

The play:

Me is leaving the bar to go to some other place, Ilves is too old, and there are some people he does not want to see. On the way, I see a known face, a guy who I just met for ten minutes two months ago, when he came to a job interview. Start chatting,
Blondie passes.
Damn Blondie.
Its like one of the situations, two people get turned on the instant they see eachother, but never manage to get together.
We start chatting..
She excuses herself for not dropping by at four pm in my place, like arranged, three months ago… She met somebody that nite… Well I met, too, but was home before four..
Told me she read my site, and is pissed and amused at the same time, will write me a mail..
Told her she is not trustable, unreliable, and freaky.
The freaky word, she understood as:

Fun conversation,
Told me she is with two guys, rather handsome, but taken.
I smiled. Half smile.
Got to hear, I am gorgeous.. Which I know she feels like.
Told her she is gorgeous. Which she knows is true.

Then Cockblock comes.
A friend, who is supposedly to be a friend, etc.
A little chat with the girl in English, realizing they know eachother, a little fun there.
Then we continue chatting with the Blondie…


“Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don’t just say
And nothing else matters”… playing on my speakers… shit… - check out: Second time tears flow


Cockblock is listening in, and the conversation is going on between two people who have met years ago, have a background, based solely on sexuality. Does not like it.

Playa enters the scene,
Cockblock desperately tries to introduce the Playa to the girl, Playa is uninterested. Leaves.
Cockblock leaves.
Our convo continues,
Cockblock comes back..
Speaks something to the girl in Finnish – I have reasons for my paranoia on such an incidence,

Playa comes,
Some more desperate attempts to introduce the girl to him… Trying to take the girl away from me, oh I am sooo bad, into the hands of a hunter, somebody I have the honor to have as a competitor, a rival.

Girl leaves..
I ask Cockblock to translate what they spoke with the girl. He just smiles.
Says somethin’ irrelevant.


Made the mistake of choosing a girl over a guy.


In such an occasion, I do not choose the girl, who I do not know in person, I choose the guys who I call friends, or friends' friend..


Moral of story:

Even Fins who could be called friends are hidden racists when it
comes to Finnish women.
And you know what,.... that saddens me deeply.


Update: As it seems, booze, tiredness and noise may have caused some misunderstandings, so this story may be obsolete. If it is, will update it.


The said words in Finnish were not what I thought, but the actions done were done, so I do not see the need to change this story.

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