Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What are the odds?

It is road trip time.. Changed the town to get a friend out of his worries.

The Friday was heavy drinking, heavy smoking.

The Saturday, a hangover, with a lost voice…

Its raining so we enter this place.. Nevertheless, one of the favorite spots of the town…

Just after I ordered my drink…., the head bartender happens to pass by, and he has two letters on his nametag.


“Hey, what does JJ stand for?”

“Jens Jorge”

“Does not sound Finnish”

“Not quite” – This I understood as Norway..


“No, how come?”

“You just said Norway..”

“I said not quite..”


“That’s German”

“A-ha, bist auch Deutscher…” - “A- ha, you also German…”

“Du auch? – “You too?”



“Aber, du bist nicht ganz Deutsch.. Was ist deine andere hälfte?“ – „But you are not fully German. What’s the other half?” I ask…

“Turke” – “Turkish” – My buddies at the bar let out a loud laugh…

“Yapma ya” I say… - “Don’t you say” I continue in Turkish…

What are the odds?? In another town… In Finland…

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