Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Women who live in their own world.

Met this girl with a friend of mine two years ago. We were about to leave the place, when he chatted her up. After three minutes of chat which she definitely enjoyed, ego boost wise, and during which I was trying to figure out what was wrong with her other than being an attention ho’, I noticed the ring.

“So you are married.”
“No, I am engaged.”
“When will you marry then?”
“blab la bla…”

I pulled my guy away, as he tends to get stuck with those kind of women and told the girl good nite. She will anyway find a guy who will be drooling over her in the rest of the nite.

A few months later, in Helsinki, we meet this girl again. The same guy goes up to her to have a half hour chat, while I just let out a brief hello, to return to the others.

Maybe, just maybe, there was another hi, sometime ago, can’t recall….

Two months ago, she happens to be in the same club as we. And, the same guy starts a chat with her again. I am enjoying myself with the rest of the pack, a few meters away. Something pops up, and I have to say a few words to the guy. Rude and preoccupied as I am, I do not acknowledge her, so say my three words to my guy, and go on with my business…

Later I learn about this conversation:

“Why is your friend angry at me?”
“He is not.. Why you say so?”
“It makes sense if he is angry. I badly shot him down; three times”

Why do I get a feeling that there is a parallel universe in some women’s head?

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