Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ripe angels

Saw these two girls that I know.

One of them had broken up with her boyfriend three weeks ago, and here she was, single for three weeks, at twenty one.

The other one is an cute looking twenty one year old girl; an innocent smile with a hint of naughtiness in it. Sweet little cutie pie. So sweet. So cute. So innocent looking.

Talking to them, after the initial whazzups,

Me: “Hey, how is single life going?”
Single girl: “Ummmm.. Good?”
Me: “So what do single people do?... I have no idea..” (in my head I am making a funny comment, as I am a bachelor, they know it, being a smartass...)
Cutiepie: (looks to her friend, and then back to me, the angel eyes, and the innocent smile turn into a smile that can be only described as naughty as hell) “We fuck”

Smartass getting bitchslapped..

This story is dedicated to the men out there who think enjoying the company of legal aged younger women is a sin.



The fruit is ripe for the picking. It is waiting to be picked, eaten, devoured and enjoyed.

You continue thinking it is a sin.

The fruit is ripe now. Won't stay ripe too long.

By the time you decide the time is right, the fruit will likely be long way past ripe. Would not say spoiled, but overripe?

To the ones who will call me pervert:

Imagine me shrugging my shoulders and taking a sip from my whiskey.

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