Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One night in lynx - The look that spoke

This is part 1 of the "one night in lynx" series.

It is one night broken into few posts, number yet unknown to me as I write with no plan.

Stsnding with the whiskey in my hand, she walks by and gives me the look.

He, a spanish, walking behind her, sees the look in her face, and then he looks at me.

He knew, that I knew that he knew that I was there before him, and it was just a matter of me inviting her, while he had to still jump through hoops to get there.

End of the night, I, with a good friend of mine, by choice, leaving, and the spanish is on the phone, "Where are you? I could not find you"....

Well, after a story I heard about a friend of mine shagging a girl in the beginning of the night, then the girl getting lost, and then calling him at the closing time, if he wants to meet as she is just out of a hotel room, I would've suggested this spanish to get a clue, close the phone and go home.

Did I?

What the fuck do I care.

The look in his face was entertainment enough. And he is a latino, he can handle it.

Been there, done that, good luck to you buddy.

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