Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One night in lynx – Men behaving badly

This is part 3 of the "one night in lynx" series.

I think I sang fear of the dark for half an hour or so, in the meantime my friend was flirting with a few girls who happened to walk by, girls who were interested.

But then, singing fear of the dark was more fun that to jump on the grenades, which happened to be the girls' friends. Näää, I will continue singing.

Apparently we had these two 50 year old women on our table who were watching us,

One guy having girls chatting with him

One guy having the girls' friends eyeing him, but choosing to sing by himself,

And they exploded.

"You are dangerous"

"You are assholes"

"Why are you like that"

I tried reasoning, my buddy tried reasoning with them, to no avail, until he uttered his favorite phrase.

"Fuck off"

Go home, take your grandkids on your lap and tell them you managed to get a "fuck off" (deservedly) from two attractive men. What a fucking life.

So, I talk to women, I am a player, or an asshole, I dont talk, I am dangerous and an asshole,

So why should I even try not to be an asshole.

Btw, for the clueless, you cant do much wrong with being an asshole, while you'll live in the jerk off stage for a long time by trying not to be one. Sad really.

And the answer I gave to a good friend of mine that night when she asked "Are you a bad boy",

I said "No, I go my own way, that is all"

.... I am the man who walks alone.... the streets of cobblestone... dapdadappdaadppadapp

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