Saturday, May 14, 2011

The swedish pure finn, the priestess with the bad mouth

"Your accent. You're not a finn, are you?"
"I am pure finn"


"What were yoo doing there? Studying psychology?"
"Noo, I study theology"
"3.30 AM is too late to have any discussion on that, priestess"

Age comes up, I guess them older than they are, so I sing the finnish song, "Aikuinen nainen"; "Grown woman"

She says:

"Hahaha.. I sang the song in karaoke, and  dont speak finnish"
"Pure finn?"
"Yes, I am finnish, of the swedish finns"
"No finnish?"
"No, I grew up speaking swedish"
"You are like 6% of the population"
"Yes, but"
"And force the other 94% to learn your language"
"Yes but"
"And control 30% of the wealth"
"Yes but"
"And you study theology"
"... ?? Yes"

The way the finnish but not finnish speaking priestess told me goodnight wishes after telling me she is busy the next day,

"I hope you get fucked somewhere tomorrow"

Thanks for the kind wishes, your holiness.

Today is tomorrow, Let's see if God listens to her.

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