Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smelly Media: Come, come, welcome, but your kids go to the camp

Allright allright, am exaggerating.

Thors Proposes Compulsory Preschool Education for Immigrant Children

Since I am of the "fascist" camp saying that "If you will leech off the welfare, and be a net negative to the economy, a burden on society (except for the leftie multiculties who think you enrich this dull culture), do not come."; one may think how I can oppose such a logical idea.

You know, the kids do not integrate, so we force them to toddler school.


That is freedom.

Yo, what about not letting the non-integrators into the benefit system in the first place.

Ah, yea yea, I know, I am an insensitive non-humanist asshole.

A phrase that I will use quite often: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

When looked at it objectively, not letting someone in permanently without some conditions being met is less fascist than forcing some preschool kids into school; but hey, it is good for the kids.

Ain't it?

Anyhow, makes me always wonder.

Is the Finnish Government's duty to look after its citizens and the productive immigrants living in the country lawfully or is it to look after non-finns living out of the borders; as time will show, to the detriment of Finns and other productive people living inside the borders.

Why have borders, if it is the latter?

Risking making some people feel bad hate speech:

If you have to force people to live in harmony with your culture, maybe, just maybe, they should not be here?

Maybe you should not expect that somebody respects your culture just becaue they are leeching off the benefits given by that culture?

Maybe you should not feel you have the right to force preschool kids into school just because you are giving so many benefits that the mom feels no need to work.

Two parented Finnish families? The kids have to go to pre-preschool because the mom has to work. No super duper benefit to them as long as the daddy is working, whatever shitty wage he might be getting.

Punish the productive by taxing the shit out of them,
Reward the professional welfareists, all under the name of humanism;
And then complain...



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