Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A dream reversed

One week London, one week Copenhagen, before that one week rain bringing bad mood, I have not posted on long time.

More posts coming soon, stay tuned.


Saturday morning.

Feet are still hurting from all Tue walking of the previous days, and some assholes made the night through, partying on the street, so sleep has been little.
My face looks like a frog's.

Decide to do the breakfast shopping.

Step out of the house and see the people who are still partying on the street. By now it has turned into a proud conversation.

I am spotted.

Sheila turns towards me, opens her arms, lifts them up, and let's out an "oooh".

I notice.

A very tight, very short, shiny purple mini skirt,

A skirt that is revealing muscular legs, and a well trained cleavage.

" you're a handsome motherfucker", Sheila shouts.

"thanks" I say, not changing my way

High heels,

Bright red lipstick,

"Would you like to have coffee with me?"

Sheila asks.

Sheila was almost my size, without the heels.

"Nope. Thanks for the offer.

Sheila was a man.

Sheila was a big black man.

Nine in the morning, on the way to the shops, I get a coffee offer.

So many times I joked with my friends that if women really were not as different from us as they claim to be, off get three lays on ky way to the shops, and two blowjobs on my way back.

And this was the proof.

Damn wish that was a girl. In a short purple mini skirt, a feminine cleavage, long legs, and red lipstick, in the morning at nine, on the way to buy sausage and bacon...

Alas, that is only a dream.

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