Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shut up. Let me enjoy my delusion

The morning sun shined through the curtains.  I was happy that the police lights I saw on my ceiling few hours ago were not for me,  and the elevator door that opened the same time was my neighbor,  not some officer in blue.

She was a moaner,  a shouter,  a cryer,  and she was loud.

Happy that I am still in my own bed,  I turn over the petite little thing,  and we wake up the neighbors.

She has to go,  I welcome the break.  Am Do either for,  need rest.

She takes a shower,  gets prepared,  she looks like a cute thing going on a sunday walk,

She looks at me with those eyes, 

I hold my phone to her,  the number pad on the screen.

"Uhhm.  This is new...  Ahmm...  I usuall... Ok  yes, I give you number"

I was not born yesterday, 

I was aware that the cute thing was not a virginal chaste MaryDonna,  but seriously,  did not need to be smeared on my face that I was dealing with a MaggyDalena...

Now there is a girl somewhere expecting an sms for a date.

All she will get is...

Even while I thank her for red flagging herself so perfectly,  somewhere inside me I'd still like to have the delusions.

I'm blue,  dadudidada dadada...  Blue blue... blue

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