Friday, September 07, 2012

Village cycles playing mint Mercedes game

Came to my usual place,  it's an unusually slow night,  being the first day under 10 degrees and such.

Had some Russian standart with lemon on the way,  now decided I'll get this one out.

Women playing good girl angle when they are one step away from being a kitty on the pussyhound carousel.  Hah, the dictionary corrected that as pussy Honda.  Okay.

I see guy,  a handsome devil whose balls are always empty.  Looking in awe as the girl who rejected him using the good girl angle was grinding on the limestone vibrant #3 in town.  His jaw dropped when she ground on a second enricher,  and a third.  To add to the insult,  another friend of mine who used to booty call this girl,  considered this one a good girl.  Five years ago.  Guess time does spoil the milk.  Radiation totally destroys it. And that good girl will be treated as such by any quality man who saw her that night.

Of course then there is facebook.  Girls putting up churchy posts every now and then,  also have single,  in relationship,  single,  in relationship cycles multiple times a year.

Multiple girls who have criticized my sexually open way of living,  have burnt four-five boyfriends in the first three quarters of the year.  And me being me,  know that these are the ones who made it to the boyfriend status.

Good girl.  I meet her and her friend two weeks prior.  I was interested in the friend; both girls lookers.  Friend interested,  but things change while I am away.  Friend says we can't meet.  Same week I meet good girl.  My place in thirty minutes.  Now,  back to good girl.  Not that I mind that one.  Once the bread has been in the oven,  I like to play.

Among these,  the facebook statuses always crack me up.  Especially the high amounts of "like"s these "riding the carousel,  yes I am"  posts get.

Hey,  let's also congratulate the open door being open with a highway passing through it but still claiming it is as secure as the castle door on top of the Himalayas.

Not that I mind. I got the nuke that'll nuke the door guarding hamster.

Open doors are to be cherished and respected by making full use of free entry.

Just make sure,  young man,  that you don't decide to pay for that non-existent castle.

Laying down your bed on a highway is not the best idea now,  is it?

Have a great weekend,  doors,  bread,  ovens,  and all that.

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