Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The EUSSR and the denial of leftist socialist liberal communist useful idiots

Once again, have not been writing. Busy with life, busy with work, and too lazy to write.

I apologize.

See, been working on something that might create value to the society, no, by creating technological, tangible value, not some attempt at social engineering. Might end up making people's life easier, and increase their quality of life.

"This fucking capitalist system" says one facebook friends comment.

Anyway, so in this free market capitalistic system, if I employ someone to help me realize this idea, here is the breakdown of the budget given to investors.

Lets say the salary of my employee is 40.000
50% tax paid by me : 20.000
80% overhead on top of the sum, bit of it cubicle rent, the rest various costs due to taxation: 48.000

The employee will be taxed, 35%: 14.000

Then not counting the tax I pay to other taxes not related to the employee, or the employee paying vat, environment, etc etc etc taxes.

In the end, without these end calculations, the employee gets


Out of

108.000 of the money allocated to his service.

That's a taxation of over 75 %..... Before he even sees the money.

If we are living in a free market, capitalistic hellhole, this clearly shows that the big fat capitalistic bully is the state, no one else.

Wonder how a socialist state would look like.. Full slavery?

Oh wait...

Then in this time, another comment popped up

"It is disturbing that a professor gave the example of communist countries, like Russia, when talking about technology being used for evil when in under control of the state"

Besides me hearing almost every single time how free market is evil, how property rights (of course not in those words) are evil, how the welfare state is heaven (broke and abused), one time one person says that full state control over science can be used to do bad.

Likes, likes, likes...

Yes, because Stalin used science to make Ukraine a prosperous nation, because Stalin made Poland the home of earth friendly agriculture, and Siberia was used to collect the minds of communist states to solve world poverty.


"We of the left are enemy of the System..."


The left are the system.

Socialism and Marxism is failing has failed, has killed more than any other thought in a given century, has tortured more, has made more  suffer. But still they behave as if it never has been tried, still they behave as if the opposition. Fucking liars the lot of them.

Look at facebook. Who gets prosecuted for their comments? Multicultural welfare statists or people who want to have the right to self govern, who want their property rights back, the state out of their brains and wallets?.....

Freedom of thought, only if you think in allowed line of thought of,... The Party.

Left & co. It is the leading ideology, it is the system. It is the fashion. The God.

Who gets likes, and who loses friends?

It destroys by design, but it feels good to be one.

Because they care.

A cancer also cares for the host.

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