Wednesday, October 09, 2013

@realmattforney shows who the real violence loving oppressors are

Since I try to keep writing about things that relate to Finland, I will tie this to a recent facebook chat I witnessed.

So, some nationalist group posted a paper on a tree, inviting neighbors to a meeting.

Of course this group is named as right wing extremist, but when you actually look at what they say, they just happen to be right of the center of the left.

So the communist community somehow has entered a discussion on

"Is it allowed to violently stop right wing fascist organizations from meeting, because when they meet and organize, they will use violence to stop people not thinking like them"

I went through the comments, but had to stop after five minutes, reading more of that filth would make me write stuff and non-violently do stuff that could potentially damage my work environment and once of my social circles.

So, back to @realmattofney;

A man who has an unconventional idea of a route to female happiness; looking at the amount of drugs consumed by the women no one can claim they are happy; by not feeding their ego, is branded the worst human on earth;

And his throat should be slit,
His balls should be cut off,
His head bashed,
Add any action to any body part...

And, traditional men are the violent ones, men going their own way are the violent ones, the right thinking men are the violet ones, the hetero men are the violent ones, etc?

Just like the commies in my facebook.

Using violence to stop a fringe group that wants a good life for their children and their relatives' children and their friends' children, that will not yet be accepted into normal society, with the media jacking up homemade crime while statistics are suppressed about other crime; is not fascism.

Forcing cities to work against their inhabitants, not fascism;
Distributing wealth, not fascism.. and so on.

I was at a point where I was losing belief that the Devil exists.

I was getting to a point of attaching all the evil to human nature.

But the facebook discussion, and the utter belief in the self righteousness of people tied to an ideology that has been responsible for most deaths in the history of mankind,

The @realmattforney discussion about chopping balls off a man who says do not kiss the ass of women,

Tells me

Satans Spawn are walking among us,
Satans Spawn are the establishment
Satans Spawn are to be fought

Their minions deserve no pity either.


  1. That post was on bullseye,their reaction proves it.
    Here in Finland Laasanen managed to cause quite a shitstorm with his tattoo posting,truth hurts.

  2. Laasanen, besides others are heretics in this equalist progressive society.

    While people are blaming him and the others for being intolerant, mysogynist, etc etc,

    No one talks about the reasons for and the damage done to children, people and society of the 50% divorce rate.

    As usual, trying to kill the messenger while dying a slow death due to the message.

  3. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous

    1. You`re are "helcome".(At least tendency to that direction is quite strong)
      PS.Your comment on KG:what`s your tooth paste recommendation?
      Salutem or DIY stuff?Coconut oil,baking soda etc?

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    Which can be bought in the organic shops. Pricey, but worth it.