Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Redonkulas is proof on the necessity of the manosphere

Ten minutes more educational and funny than ten years of mainstream crap.

If someone showed me that about ten years ago, that would have saved me three years directly, and another three indirectly from the radioactive fallout that would have been prevented.

That was my comment to Redonulas on his video, and he replied with "Share it". And here it is.

Why? Because Terrence Popp ordered me too?

No, because what I say in my comment is true.

Years ago when I needed help, when I was lost, swimming in a swamp of fresh crap that has crap added to it daily and hourly, no one around me could help, a sensitive issue that I could not openly discuss, mainstream advice screwed me so bad, Men's Health, Askmen, women from mars crap, whatever outlet there was, no useful advice.

What counted as advice was "Zack and miri make a porno"... yea, she fucks half town, she is cool, she has a dildo, oooooh that giant plastic monster dong is sooo coool, (shhh... she has a cavern of a vagina? oh, that is oppression...), he has a fleshlight, bloody pervert, and hey, after her banging gazillion dickzillas, he is the pervert for wanting some action from the welfare kitchen?

Manosphere bloggers are one by one dictating they are moving away.

Please do not.

Just like me ten years ago, the young kids coming for advice cannot understand the red pill concepts, theories yet. They can't understand the power of the mind, or how to forge a life through will.

It's not that they are incapable. They perfectly are. But they are drowning in a swamp of crap. And the misinformation campaign by the mainstream media and the women adds crap to it daily, hourly;

They cannot use deep theories on feminism, deep theories on how the leftists are screwing men, or the war on boys...

They need the posts that share their hatred, their bitterness, their drowning in a swamp of crap,

They need the posts that tell them that where they are is an expected thing given their situation, and given the crap like Zack and Miri poured down their throat day in day out.

They need that hatred and bitterness to be allowed to them, as that will be what they will use to get out of that craphole, and start building a life.

My rescue came from Tom Leykis. Then I found Roissy, then No ma'am, then heavier stuff, and I got out.

And I never stopped. 

At that time I would have no use for more philosophical stuff, I was drowning in crap. Fresh smelly warm crap.

The manosphere needs to move on in its mission, but it must leave breadcrumbs for the young lost men to find.

Thank you Terrence for dropping a whole bakery of breadcrumbs; ten years too late for me, but perfectly timed for tens of young men.


  1. it's the reason i started blogging. to help young men who have been deceived by all the women in their life. so they don't end up like me. but some of these manginas & white knights refuse to learn. eventually they will open theirs eyes.

  2. you can only get your heart ripped out threw your ass so many times before its all gone.