Friday, May 09, 2014

Finns are Racist... or... Racisss

I am embarking on a new direction which I will explain on a later day. It mainly concerns not writing stories or reports, but adding commentary that might help the young men out there that are totally betrayed by society, media, and the leaders.

If one man will get to see that he is not in the wrong as it has been drilled into his head, than my mission is accomplished.

Finns are racist.

Not one week passes by when the state propaganda diarrhea arm, the national broadcaster comes up with news that Finns are racist... One day it's a woman wanting to wear a headscarf into a uniformed occupation, the police forces; the other day it is a problem minority calling for Finns to accept their culture, without opening a dialogue to the problem aspects of the said culture, the other day it's some bullying gone wrong, or news that never make the press.

The Finn must feel he is the most racist mother f**ker in the northern hemisphere.

What is not said, is that in Finland, the Finn is by far the least racist.

Let me say it again

What is not said, is that in Finland, the Finn is by far the least racist. 

And again

What is not said, is that in Finland, the Finn is by far the least racist.

Let me tell a short story;

Somehow ended in an apartment with few guys pre partying, all friendly guys, and all guys good for the society, i.e. no leechers, no rapists, no parasites.

All in all good guys. some working, some studying.

No Finn.


A sampling of the conversation

"Strange name, where  you from?"

"I'm XXX-A, from XXX"

"That explains it."

Another guy
"Don't ask him if he is XXX-B"

"I will not make that mistake" an exit the conversation.

"Fuck man. I am XXX-A; not XXX-B."

"Yea, we know that much. You guys do not like to be mixed up"

"Look, we have been living with XXX-B in XXX land for centuries. Not a f**king good thing XXX-B has done. F**king dogs. If I could..." yea the conversation that I overheard went into criminal territory.

"...also some f**kers mistake us with the neighboring savages of YYY and ZZZ..."

And this was a moderate, friendly dude who hung out with a diverse crowd spanning three continents that evening.

Few minutes later, the same guy:

"Yea, when we speak XXX-B in the cafe, people turn around and look at us strangely. So we speak Finnish in public. You know, all these racist Finns..."

He wasn't even aware...

See young Finn,

You looking the wrong way, even if it is curiosity, to people shouting a funny language, you are a raciss.

You are called raciss by people who have no qualms in openly stating that the world would be better off without some other race(s).

Compared to them you are a peace loving tree hugger.

Hugging a tree that is trying to burn itself and blaming you.


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2014

    I live in America and people always say white people are racist, and some are indeed. But you have never seen the level of racist other ethnicities have.

    First black people are openly racist against whites, but because they proclaim it is not institutional racism (which it also is) it doesn't "count".

    Then EVERY single ethnic group has a racist word for African Americans. EVERY. Indians, chinese, koreans etc. they all have an ethnic word to describe African Americans secretly, in their presence, and they even tell me as a white person!

    Or how chinese friends when drunk, would admit that they think I am a white devil (drunk words, sober thoughts?) Fact is every culture has racism to a certain extent. The world just likes pretending only white people do and since native Finns are the whitest of white, they are always accused of being racist. Problem is white societies are already so far ahead the PC route.

  2. Reminds me of being in Austria, where naturally all the Austrians are the most racisss for being hospitable to all those poor immigrants but hoping they don't abuse that hospitality. Apparently there were lots of skinheads in Austria, though I don't remember them. Plenty of "Nazis" too, but rather than wanting to start a Fourth Reich, conquer Eastern Europe and kill Jews, or in this case Muslims, they were just wanting to live quietly in their mountain valleys and not have "Multikultur" (or rather Islam) ruin their own Kultur in their own country. Racisss. Rassistisch. Faschismus!

    Whereas that big parade of Turkish nationalists I saw - friendly peaceful immigrants, guests in Austria - were showing the utmost tolerance and open-mindedness as they
    protested the idea that Kurdistan could be recognised as a state, and their own home country of Turkey, where they or their parents chose to no longer live, was well within it's rights to keep oppressing Kurds and slaughtering them. Cultural differences, right? Don't be intolerant now, Austrian Nazi racisss.