Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Some should not talk

We got a saying in turkish,

Means somebody, when he says something good, the opposite happens...
The other non-writer of this page, Topo is such a person....
All these happened in the last 4 months...


“Why don’t you install Win 2000? Your PC is quite good and fast”
In the same week, when I tried to change my harddisk, everything collapsed, and boom.. Format.. Install 2000, reboot crash.. reboot crash... format.. Install 2000, reboot, crash, format, install 2000, reboot, works, connect to net.. 20 seconds.. kicked out of net.. system virus.. virus scan.. no virus found.. pc extra slow, format... install me.. reboot.. no boot.. format.. install me, reboot.. boot.. oh.. ok.. do not touch, it is working now...

“Hey, you tv-card works fine”
A few days later, am in the internet, want to watch the news,
Double click TerraTv,
Screen goes blank,
Counting memory....
Try TerraTV,
Screen go blank,
Checking memory...
Problem not solved until now...

“Seems like your battery is ok this year”
Said on friday, on monday morning, the car goes,
iiy iiy iiy i i i zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
no wromm wrommm.. just click click

“You know you have an old car, but you were lucky no major problems”
That friday I paid 300 euros to get my fuel tank changed... Was leaking...

“Man, you never get sick.. You are like a pig.. Nothing affects you...”
Was said this weekend, and now I am on the verge of a flu, trying to stop it by Carmolis, Echina Force, special teas, ultra rare syrup, and original honey...


“Hah, so you have had some good time with women this week, huh?”
No get laid for me, for some weeks...

In the end,
There is one thing to say,


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