Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Me... I enjoy being ”easy”..

New Year’s Celebration, Ilves Night Club..
The music has stopped ten minutes ago, we are waiting for the coat queue to finish...

A sexy little cute blond girl comes to stand in front of me, two meters away, and.. I recognize her.. She was checking me out, but when she did either I was busy, or her signals were too short lived ,that I just dismissed them.. Mini skirt, black stockings, perfect boots, just below hen knees, transparent top, black bra, and incredible eyes...

Looks at me..
I look at her..
She smiles...
I tilt my head, smile..
She opens her lips...
I gesture her to come to my side...
She speaks first..

“Where will you stay tonite?”
“I don’t know... ..where will you stay?”
“I don’t know”
“Let’s make a deal.. .. .. wherever we stay, we will stay together”

Then it was a hug... And a longer wait for the coat queue to finish....
No need to mention that we went to my place????

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