Friday, August 06, 2004

Three seconds of observation, and a crooked smile in the end.

Now we are talking about a one ninety girl.
(Not the one who I adore)
Very beautiful, and also dangerously clever.

Not interested in me, that’s what she shows,
And I, not care…

Knows she is beautiful, knows she is clever, and knows she always has the "Greek God" guys wanting to meet her. And uses this to an extreme. Watching her play, is like watching a Shakespeare act without the comedy acted on the guys.

Watching her play is like seeing a man, melting by the lava of an alive volcano, the lava never slowing down.
When I met her first time, a year or so ago, I managed not to melt : ) Though I played a bad game, and lost.
Later I pissed her off by successfully hitting on her gorgeous friend, ending by her bitchblock..
Just two months ago, I was played by her, and I can say, few ever had played me like this… I respected that talent. But lost total interest in meeting her with any decent thoughts in the head.

A month ago,
On one of my days when I just wanted to chat with someone I know has something up there, I saw her… And since we had been having strange eye contact, in the sense, “piss off”, mixed with “curiosity” in her eyes, “I know who you are” in mine, I chatted her up.
And she played, very well… If would have been some guy who was not sure of what was happening, I possibly would have gotten destroyed. But, I knew what was going on, and more importantly I know who I am.
And of course some other guys bumped in, and their nonsense was listened to, I chatted with one of the guys who turned out to be good conversation, but when I got bored, I told the guy goodnite,

And to the girl I said,
“When you want to have a chat, find me”
“I have no interest in talking to you”
Fast unflinching counter answer from me:
“Good. Then it is a mutual interest. Take care.”

I leave… Quite a few chicks checking me out intensively… Nääää, holding my dick when paying mother earth my beer tax is more urgent right now…







Not even the time an egg takes to boil hard passes….

“Hey, I cannot hear you, gotta come closer if you want me to understand.” I said loudly to the same lady, who just appeared out of nowhere in front of me. And I thought she had no interest… Hmmmm.. I can see… Either she is testing me… Or testing if she has power over me… Well,
I passed any test given at that evening… Even though I have failed previous ones…
Seemed like she had lost her friend, a guy.. And thought it was disrespectful of him to leave without notice…
As if I care.

Disrespectful people are not treated with respect nor disrespect. So she got that treatment.
So, why this long introduction for a three second incident:

Standing beside some guys, leaning to the bar.
The guy beside me says:
“Whoa look at that!!!!”…
When I turn I just see a tall girl’s back, leaning down telling something to a very cute small girl,
The small girl then eyeing me all the time…
I realize the tall one was the playinglady, a few seconds later, but somehow, instinctively, did not acknowledge her presence… She just was not there… For my eyes…

What was there was the knowledge, the gut feeling, that at the moment she walked close, saw me, she turned back/down to her friend, and told her about that guy over there in the white t-shirt…
I know it can’t be explained, but you know when a person just had a surprise movement out of the corner of your eye, you see the body posture, to know it was sudden, and you see the friend’s eyes, resting themselves curiously on the topic.

Good or bad, I don’t care,
As love and hate are a pair.

And a smile erupted on my face, my eyes went small, and I knew another story has come.

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