Thursday, March 17, 2005

As if I care....

Four guys in Doris, one active flirting with some chick...
Three guys chatting with eachother.
After a night chatting with these three friends in Doris, total guy’s night out…,
(nobody of interest in the bar)

We leave the bar, eat something, go home…
I watch a movie, and sleep around five am…

At exactly six thirty, a message comes.

Everybody knows not to call me in the morning, so a message must be important.
I jump off the bed, heart racing at two hundred, open the phone, and see the sender:

“Guy flirting with the girl”
So I press, “Read”:

“Hehe.. Mission accomplished”

At six thirty. With almost an hour of sleep, I could have shot the bastard.
What the fuck do I care, where you put your dick into.


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