Thursday, March 17, 2005

Right seeker, wrong heat source...

Three months or so ago,
Am in Doris, and chatting with some people I know, and checking this chick out.
Meanwhile, sms’ing with the lady nobody in the bar can take place of.

So, it turns out I will leave in a few minutes,
Go to the two guys who stand there by the bar, trying to look cool, checking the same girl out as I am…

“Hey, look, I am going to talk to the girl, if you won’t make your move now”
“If you go now, you have no chance.. Her pussy is wet for me”

“Go, or I will go, enter, get number and exit”
“If you go now, you will destroy our image”

“Are you going or not?”
“She’s checking me out, I ask you not to go”

I am in a hurry,
So I leave the bar.

Next time I see the guys,

“So, you kindly asked me not to talk to her. Did you at least make a move?”
“After you left, she left”
“aaaaaaa--- haaaaaaaaa”

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