Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wherever I stand, whatever I do...

She comments:

“Yes I am in the back.. I do not need to be in the front, and watch myself in the mirror all the time…. Like you”

To a guy who generally takes no longer that ten minutes to get ready for a Saturday nite.

Yes, I am in the front. I like to be in the front. The mirror in the front is just a bonus.

I don’t like to be in the back. Besides being claustrophobic and bad aired, It feels like I am there because of the few beautiful butts in front of me. A feeling which proved itself.

I was in the back once. I had this butt in front of me.. Ten centimeters from my face. Going up, going down, squeezing the butt, expanding the butt… And it was one hell of a butt… When I was watching it, I could not follow the instructor, forget following the music… My heart was beating in harmony with the butt.. Up.. down.. up.. down.. up.. dup… dup…dup… dup… When I was trying not to watch it – imagine trying to turn your head by ninety degrees, doing deadlifts – my neck was killing me.. Wow.. that was some butt… Yea… And the training sucked while giving me injury.

So, I choose training over sexual excitement, and moved to the front…
If I had not, I can imagine, ....
If I were in the back, she would have said,

“See I am in the middle… I do not need to be in the back… and watch women’s butts all the time… LIKE YOU”

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