Saturday, November 21, 2009

Even obese get laid

I was sitting on the table together with one of the new students, a girl, enjoying the environment.

There was a group of five or six girls in front of us. One was a thirtyish dancer, not so beautiful, but extremely sexy. The way she moved her body was a sight to behold. The rest was chubby, at best.

Around 2 AM, a new girl enters the group. Twenty something, and obese. Obese to the point of weighing possibly same as me, while her eyes were at my shoulder level, and I am not a light guy.

The girl with me looks at her, turns to me and asks:

“Finndistan, do these kind of girls get hit on?”
“Wait till 3.25 AM, you'll see”

Apparently I underestimated.

3 AM, I need to visit the gents, after enjoying relief, I open the door of the gents, only to see:

An african dude, all dressed like a Harlem Brotha all over this obese girl, pretty much begging to continue the night. The girl apparently interested; playing hard to get.

To give more detail:

The African dude was a good looking man. In shape, tall, handsome, dressed to style, no matter how ridiculous I found the harlem style, good voice, he was the leader of his group of around five guys.

All in all, he was in the top three of the fifteen or so black guys in the venue. (Fuck political correctness. One of my best friends is a black guy. When we stand side by side, he... is... black... , I... am... dirty.. white. So, these guys were black.)

Top guy of his niche. He was going for one of the lowest in the barrel.

Then it made sense. The entitlement of the other girls in the group, the bitchy aura that was over that group. Hell, if the worst one in the group was getting hit on by an attractive man, what should the chubbies feel they deserve? What would the dancer feel worthy of herself?

Damn you guys!

Start being picky.

For one blubberfuck, you are fucking over the rest of mankind.

If you are attractive, go for attractive.

Stabilize the market, do not screw it up.

A future post foreshadow: (This obese had a cute face. She was not in the lowest rank, but in the second lowest. The lowest being obese and ugly face, similar to a man who is a bum, ugly, fat and a nice guy) Even the lowest ranks of women have it easier to find a short term mate than average, and even over average men.

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