Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Pub Garbage" add-on story

In the story Proud Member of Pub Garbage,

I had said:

So proud of being the booty call of a rich boy... (that info was also revealed, possibly to trigger the competitive side in me)

Story is this,

After hearing what my friend does for a living, she tells him that her ex-boyfriend was rich.

I enter the scene without knowing this.

Somehow the conversation turns to sexuality, due to an open minded female friend of mine, and after my male friend leaves, this topic continues, and proudly she states:

“I was dating this rich guy. He was so busy being rich, I broke up with him. Now we meet now and then when he calls. We have sex, and he leaves”, with an aura of the child which upon doing something marvelous in its mind, goes: “Mom, mom, mom, Look what I did”

And I was supposed to acknowledge that, appreciate that, and tell her “Wow. Good Job!”

The last time I checked, it really was not that difficult for an attractive woman to find a (rich) dude to have sex with her with no strings attached, and no demanded responsibility on the guys side.

It really must be a big accomplishment for an attractive woman to find a guy who accepts this deal:
“You busy tonight?”
“I'll be there in half hour”
Door knocks, pants go down, after another half hour,
“Thanks babe, that was nice.”

Ooooh. Oooooh. Very very difficult.

Now I am all for people living their sexuality in a respectful manner, it is in the end a sharing of beautiful intimacy. This is not about the intimacy. Telling me she is having sex with a dude, in a matter of factly manner is fine, leaves me neutral. We are adults.

I mean this:

“I take it you are single”
“Kind of. There is a guy I meet now and then” or “No, I see a guy” or “Yes, but I got my sexual needs covered”, you get the picture. Matter of factly.

But a girl telling me that she has a dude who calls her, fucks her, and dumps her, with the expectation that her value will be raised in my eyes, that I will perceive her as a diamond that is a challenge to attain, really is utter disillusionment. Definition of idiocy. Ignorance. Stupidity.

By telling that to me in that way, you tell me you are a free shag for a dude who has better options than you. You tell me you don't deserve any better treatment from me. A proud free shag you are.

Nothing more. Nothing less?


Nothing more, but way less, possibly worthless.

P.S. For the dumb****s out there (I know you, the reader, are not one. Yea, you), this story is written for the ones telling me they are having a fuckbuddy with the intention that I will get jealous or with the intention of raising their value in my eyes. Not for the ones just telling me casually in the flow of conversation.


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