Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nails are not enough

Have you ever noticed that the women with the most made up nails are the fatties? Not just you run of the mill overweight women. The bitchy ones.

They go out with the H&M clothing designed for anorexic/thin/average girls: Leggings, tight tops, what not.

Three layers of blubber blubbing around their belly, three layers of chin hidden by make up, the extravagant shoes, and, like I said, accompanied by a bitchy behavior.

That is not what I got stuck at.

It is the nails.

The nails that were done that day by a nail paint artist

Lacquer on the pink part, and then some art on the grown long witchy nails, which is usually long enough to be a danger to a wild bear in the forest, long enough to necessitate a hidden weapons carry permit

Yes, even though I find those kind of nails disturbingly disgusting on these women, objectively, the nails may be good looking, but ladies, they do not make you beautiful.

The men you are interested in do not have a nail fetish, except the 1% hiding somewhere in the bushes. These men want a body in shape, a face not drowning in war paint, and an attitude that is pleasant.

You are fat. You war paint yourself. You are definitely a pain to be flirting with.

Showing off those expensive nails will not change a thing.

You are still fat, war painted, and a bitchy. You are unhealthy.

Painting nils will not change a thing.

A smile, a friendly attitude, a down to earth existence; now that will cause a change worthy of fireworks.

If you are willing to empty your wallet anyway;

Instead of paying the fifty euros to the nail painter, pay it to me, I will guide you and in six months, you will be the woman that you thought those nail paintings would have turned you into, but have failed, and are failing, and will fail. I will not fail.

But the nails.....

If not for guidance, then spend the money on sausage... At least you get something out of it.

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