Monday, June 07, 2010

The Princess - Part 1 - Self appointed princess

First time I saw her, a very good looking tall blondie, she played coy, shy and hard to get. Fine.

Now she set the standard: She has to be coy and shy and hard to get to everybody else.

Second time I saw her, she was all over a spanish guido with olive oil in the hair.

Now she set the standard: If opportunity arises, with minimal, and I mean minimal, investment, "hi ma'am, bam ma'am, bye ma'am"... I'd have liked to enjoy that still young body with those tall legs and correct sized breasts...

Saying that, Jeff from "Coupling" comes to mind... "Brrrrreeeeeaaaassssssttttssssss"... Best series ever.

Back to point,

So I took her to coffee.

I get to hear she is a princess.

I get to hear she has guys driving her to places, you know "he is just a friend"...

I get to hear she broke up with her ex out of the blue, breaking a relationship of many years.. Sadly I cannot out the reason here, could be personal...

Well, in the end, we did not bam bam...

We flirted a few more times after that date but the feeling was not there. Jumping from "hi ma'am" to "bye ma'am" felt like the best option, though those legs were left untouched. The legs were just not enough for me to act with the full force of my fireballs.

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