Monday, June 07, 2010

The Princess - Part 2 - She meant nothing, so I took her to coffee...

I do not take women I am not openly committed to out to a coffee date or such.

I know I am missing out on a lot of advertisement. In the end, women want what other women want.

Coffee dates or such event with women would help me immensely.

But, this is a small town, and people are prejudiced. A woman seen with me may loose out on some prospects. I mean, today I am supporting a full caveman beard, when I am out I have my shirt buttons down, a nice patch of chest hair on a built chest; due to the three acne scars in my face (amont a few hundred others in my face), I have a permanent scowl.

Me out on a date with a woman is free advertising for me.
A woman out on a date where I am non-committed is bad advertising for her.

So, if I care about you, I care about your reputation.

That is why I took the princess out on a coffee date.

Cause she meant nothing.

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