Friday, June 18, 2010

No story. Just thoughts.

God forsaken northern swamps.

Middle of June, am on my balcony with a sweater and jacket.

What helps, is,
A cup of pure hot cocoa,
A tumbler of Singleton, age 12.

It is gonna be another great weekend.

Just yesterday, I was still laughing about the last one.

It came to my mind when the girl with longer legs then me asked me if I do this often?


"Talking to random girls, and getting their number, and meeting them out for a whiskey and wine. "

"Li'l girl, if you look in the mirror, those girls are not really random. "

I remembered meeting a very good female friend. A guy I know blown out by her friend, my pleasure; Me talking to the breastfeeding mom who wants to give me her number, the girl who was bending down to the dj booth, and us guys noticing it only when we noticed the other girls not being able to take their eyes away from the full open view of some booty. Teaching a good friend about the mutated reincarnation of the Apache tribe. Writing a poem for one of the sweetest brides (monster to be) and getting a pink rose. The gorgeous face girl with the big butt thinking she would be too easy for me if she talked to me. Then, not able to keep her eyes away. And other things that will maybe remain forgotten,

And she asked

"Why are you smiling?"

Damn. Having too much fun.

I leave you with G'N'R.

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