Saturday, April 02, 2011

Predictability of the female kind

Women. Predictable as the apple on the tree. They will fall towards gravity. 

Woman. I know her latest ex, she knows I know the latest ex. The day we got introduced personally, the ex was already an ex, and I pissed her off by talking about her and her ex. Her disrespect towards her ex was my mark to go in and have fun about the topic at her expense. Woman, "Curls", disses me for some time, totally unfriendly, until she starts dating this one dude who also knows me. Our relationship has made it to the nodding level. But still not on friendly terms.

Women. Amy and Chasey. I was standing by the bar when they entered with two guys, apparently boyfriends, but Amy looked at me, straight, unflinching, and she undressed me with her eyes, leaving me wondering if the king is naked.

Me? Having good time, and have downed a bottle of wine.

On my way back to the dance room, I was passing by the smoking area and saw Amy&Chasey smoking, so I thought, gotta clear something (for the sake of writing a story, you see)


"Oh, hiiii"

"Was wondering something... you girls here with your boyfriends?"

"Yes, we are"

"Cool, bye then"

"Wait, you are not going to stay and chat with us"




"So you think we are waste of time?"

me, giving a pause, doing some deep thinking, "Yea, actually I you are a waste of time"

Now, the uninitiated man will think the girls lost interest in me, or got angry... The initiated man will know the girls eyes sparked like sunshine sparks of a dead calm sea about to blow into a hurricane...

Just when this conversation ended, Curls came for a smoke,

I turned to her,

"Hey Curls, these girls are now sad that I called them waste of time"

"You did?"

"She said it, I agreed, they got boyfriends, and I am not running social charity here"

During this time the sparks in the other two girls' eyes are almost blinding me.

Few more sentences were uttered and I left.

Downstairs, am bullshitting with one of the guys I know, and Curls comes. The guy leaves to the dancefloor.

Curls, closing her eyes a bit, displaying her neck in a coy way, looking like a damsel in distress, mixed with pursed lips,

"You know there is one thing I don't like about my boyfriend"


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