Friday, April 15, 2011

Smelly media: How to integrate into a country

Have your own "parliament".


"Immigrant Parliament" fails to draw enthusiasm

Plans to launch an immigrant parliament in Finland are proceeding shakily. The organisation has no unified political agenda and election matters remain unresolved

Well, I for one detest this movement.
You see, when I came to Finland, one of the reasons was that this was a country to live in. And one of the reasons for this was that the Finns who built this country and the system did a good job.
I came here, accepting to be under the governance of Finnish rules, and respect for the culture and the society.
Now, a foreign parliament...
Well, people wanting this foreign parliament, most of you are here because your people back home screwed up, your cutlure screwed up, your societal system screwed up, and now instead of working with this somewhat functioning system, you want your own voice heard.
I for one, have no interest in having my voice told through some immigrant.
I came here, not for having my voice told through some immigrant.
You want your own parliament, go back to where you came from, and try to let your voice heard there, or make sensible arguments and get into Finnish politics, may it be the city council, may it be the chuch, or the mosque.

Project organisers say their goal is to promote immigrant affairs by giving Finland's foreign community a voice. Backers of the immigrant parliament venture are calling for a vote to elect an unofficial 50-member parliament for a two-year term. Immigrants and people of immigrant background would be eligible to vote for representatives.

Here is something to make your voice heard:
Statistically foreigners commit more crime per person,
Steal more tax per person,
Rape more per person,
Abuse benefits more per person,
Etc etc..
Stop the ones doing this in your "immigrant community", shame the ones you cannot stop, or even expel them.
Show the Finns that your "community" is willing to work with the society, in peace and harmony.
Then the Finns will want to hear you, they will want you to enrich the culture with your good aspects.

Another way:
Stop making a bonfire in your living room every saturday and sunday, causing the fire alarm and the fire brigade to rush over. without fail, every saturday or sunday around noon, the fire alarm would go off in a "refugee housing", because lunch was made on open fire in the living room.

The government has green-lit the venture, which aims to launch an immigrant parliament by the time the newly-elected Finnish Parliament convenes next spring.

Another step closer to the drainhole.

Here is an interesting observation.
They talk about the "Immigrant community".
Yes, Somalians attacking Kurds because a Kurdish woman did not wear a scarf, tells a lot about this community.
There is no community, and if one observes correctly, the animosity between foreigners is greater than the one between foreigners and finns.
Most foreginers see Finns as geese to be plucked, while other foreigners are seen as ones demanding a share of the entitlement pie, the pie being women, benefits, or something else.




  1. These people will come to Finland---many of them refugees---to escape the dangers of their former homes.

    But when they come, their progeny will make Finland unsafe, thus undermining the safety they flocked to Finland in search of.

    Get ready for the big celebration, Finland. Diversity is knocking.

  2. My only hope for this country was the Swedish disaster happening soon, and as the True Finns (more like Basic Finns) party has shown in these elections, many Finns are seeing the "not to be spoken of issue".