Monday, April 11, 2011

Smelly media: Let's every man do a mandatory rape sentence term, just in case

Allright the article does not suggest what my title says, but these people are not far from suggesting that.

Sentencing in just sixteen percent of rape cases

Quotes from the article

Just 16 percent of suspects in rape cases reported to police were sentenced last year.


Police and prosecutors say the low level of sentencing is due to the fact that it is often difficult to gather evidence of a rape. There are not necessarily any eyewitnesses. Forensic evidence comes largely from medical examinations, emergency phone calls, fingerprints, DNA samples, clothing and signs of struggle at crime scenes.


Collecting such evidence is further complicated when victims do not report the crime immediately. In some cases, reports are filed weeks or even years after the rape has occurred.


Optula researchers estimate that nine out of 10 rape victims do not make reports to the police.

So how many convictions were there last year?
I could not find the info that I wanted but the number 915 is presented for 2009 in the statistics and wikipedia states that this number means the reports, and it is not clear from the list they got if these are reports, or convictions, or trials. also not clear if statutory rape is included for Finland.  Maybe some Fin can help me?

I think these are reported rapes.

Rape is a crime, and should be punished. To add, the sentences in Finland are a joke. That is not the topic I am adressing here.

I am adressing the "Only 16% of cases are sentenced".

This assumes that 100% of the reported cases are actual rapes. And assuming that only one in ten rapes are reported.

Let's play a numbers game.

Let's say men are more criminally oriented then women by a factor of ten,

Say that a man is ten times more likely to rape a woman than a woman is to lie about rape.

If there are hundred rapes, then there are ten correct reports to the police, and then there are ten false repots to the police.

So even with this assumption of angelic women, the false accusations run at 50% (which is a bit higher than the credible studies, who cite a false rape accusation rate around 40%)

So the actual sentencing rate of rapists is actually 32%, assuming only the guilty are sentenced.

The sentencing rate for women trying to destroy innocent men's life by getting them sent to prison, to be beaten, raped, murdered, lose their loved ones, standing in society, job, living and any future they might have had, 0%.

Once again, rape is a crime, and should be punished more severely than it is right now in Finland.

Now, we continue.


"Punishing the false accusers would punish the real victims"

So an innocent man whose life is about to be destroyed is not a victim. What is his crime?

What these people forget is that the false accusers are punishing the rape victims by making a joke of this heinous crime.

Punishing the false accusers would bring justice to the other victims, the men, who are being legally raped by the woman and the legal system who will not hold women responsible for destroying a life.

Punishing the false accusers would increase the percentage of real crimes in the reported incidents, making the police force take any accusation more seriously than they do now.

"Women do not lie about rape"


Next you are going to claim there are unicorns under the rainbow.


What is rape?

It is the forced sexual interaction under the threat or use of violence.

It is assault.

But not only.

It robs the woman of choosing who will be the father of the child.

That is the crux of the issue. Rape overrides the woman's choice in whose genes she will propagate in her child.

With the assumption in the newspaper about one in ten rapes not being reported, we run at a number around ten thousand rapes per year. In a country of five million.


Keep it in mind.

What is a similar problem for men?


A woman making a man raising someone else's genetic material thinking it is his own.

A woman cutting a man's bloodline without his consent.

A woman making the grandparents love other people's grandchildren.

Ending the man's genetic line.

Ending the man's  and his ancestors' legacy.

If you deem this unimportant, I ask thee,

What would a woman say if they switched the babies in the hospital?

And continue,

What different is this crime than rape, absent the assault?

Telling a man that the kids are not his, after twenty years of loving another's ball juice.

Twenty years of living a lie, a lost life,

What is this, but not pure evil? A pure evil committed solely by the angelic women who we assumed are only inclined to evil at one tenth of the rates that men are.

What are the estimates on the cuckoldry rate?

10% (Do your own research)

10% of kids in the western world are not by the men who think are the fathers.


Can men get a DNA test in Finland? Yes, only with the mother's consent.

Does a woman need the consent of the accused to go to the police?

What does 10% mean?

It means that the assault plus denying genetic choice (the heinous crime rape) occurs 10.000 times per year according to the paper (which actually would add up to 500.000 raped women in the last fifty years, one in five women... so if  the two simultaneous assumptions that all accusations are true, and that one in ten rapes are reported is correct, that would mean one every five women will be raped in a lifetime. If this actually were the case, men would get their dicks cut before they were born. Just even the fact that men are not getting their dicks cut from the bud is enough to disprove the claims in the paper), while,

How many denials of genetic choice minus the assault (cuckoldry) is estimated by credible sources? 10%. What does that add up to?

60.000 births per year, 6000 incidences of cuckoldry. Every year. Unreported, Unpunished. Totally provable crime.

A lie a man has to live with if he finds out. A lie the children have to live with if they find out. At any time, 10% of the kids, 5-10% of the fathers a victim of this untold, unspoken crime.

A lie that can result in death of the child if a unknown genetic problem exists.


My point?

Rape is a heinous crime, punish it severely.

False accusation of rape is a heinous crime, punish it.

Cuckoldry is rape minus the assault part, if you can't punish it, at least make it possible for the father to seek validation of the kids' DNA without having to face the mother or get consent of the mother.

If you cannot bring the system to punish false accusations for the sake of the accused men, do it for the raped women who are, as is implied, not taken seriously enough.


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  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    The statistics are available by category (by the chapter/section in the penal code) but you need to speak Finnish (or Swedish). Here is the link :

    You can also choose to see how many were convicted, charges dropped, charges/case expired, charges discarded and so on.

    2009 is the latest year they have stats for individual categories. For sexual crimes(Chapter 20) the total is 545, charges dropped in 116 cases, 5 expired cases, 197 discarded charges, 6 charges expired. (translations might be off since I'm not a lawyer).

    The biggest sub-section in the sexual crimes, by conviction, is 'sexual abuse of a child' (I don't remember the correct English term for it) which is 236 cases. (11 attempts and 32 flagrant). Rape is 69, attempted rape is 14, flagrant rapes 15. There are categories which a lot of people would probably define as rape too. Such as 'forced sexual intercourse' (18 cases), attempt of it (3 cases), 'forced sexual act' (15 cases), attempt of that (2 cases), 'sexual exploitation/abuse' (76 cases) and its attempt (4 cases).

  2. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    Also forgot the mention, the Finnish penal code (Chapter 18) has a concept of 'crimes against family/birth rights' (Rikoksista sukuoikeuksia vastaan). In it the section 2 defines a 'deceitchild' (pettolapsi) which is defined as a child who is not the child of her mother. In other words its illegal to swap a child in the hospital in Finland but cuckoldry isn't. Even though they are pretty much exactly the same thing, with the exception that the man is screwed in both cases.

  3. AnonymousMay 20, 2011

    Do not accept a child unless you see DNA proof that it's yours. Never, ever and no women would ever not want you to be certain either -- if she is... all the more reason to insist.

    You owe this protection to the child who is the person getting robbed of it's ancestry, identity, real family and potentially important genetical medical treatments if the women cuckolds you.

    Men who fail to protect children this way deserve to be fleeced, because you're the only person who can stop the 'mother' from stealing from you both.

    And when you have the DNA cert, make a big deal about it, hold a huge party in the pub to show the world that you're a dad(with proof) Frame the thing and hang it up for all to see. And if you adopt, still hold a part, with proof of adoption, to celebrate being a father, it's all good.

    Introduce this as the new norm in society, be proud of yourself!

  4. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Statutory rape is (in all likelyhood) not included in the statistics, since it's a separate crime in Finland, and you can be convicted simultaneously of rape (violence/threat of violence or, as of now, taking advantage of someone's unconsciousness) and statutory rape (<15 or otherwise dependent).

  5. I guess the 4 anons are two seperate anons.

    To the Finnish anon, thank you for the link, was looking for something like this, will later one day look at the assault crimes.

    Shame about the lack of fatherhood rights, especially if obtaining the DNA of your own kid is illegal without the mother's consent.

    Making cuckoldry a crime would be an interesting thing to see, with 10+% of women convicted...

    In that line, a father should obtain the DNA of the kids with whichever means possible, "Don't you trust me" nowadays is not reliable, as it never was.

    Just talking to some friends on the weekend, one was astonished to read why our penis is shaped the way it is. But still is not seeing the picture... Mother nature knows what her daughters are capable of, ans so over millions of years have given men the tool to dig in, and dig out, the other's sperm. It is not a new thing. Always was, and always will be.

    DNA tests... They never were, now are, and it will be tried to make them even more illegal