Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ignoring the invasion and the treason that comes with it

Came downtown, alone, because all my friends are working people and they are tired in the eve, once again to observe that half the people in town are vibrants who are in town any time any tine, every day, just hanging around.

I realized that the only way to keep sanity is to ignore. Pretend that space occupied by the vibrant does not exist in the time space continuum. Blank space. Neutral.

This also includes not posting about them, the media or the state.

This includes not writing my post about best game being getting a working people to pay a non working people to hang around and socialize with women, adding to the insult the media people pushing the notion that being a parasite is cool, fucking a parasite is cool. The people wonder why the working people are prejudiced against parasites who hang around 24 7 while the working man goes to bed at ten, earning money so parasites fan be fed.

This includes not writing about the parliaments idiotic decision to allow foreigners' votes to be used to form new political parties when somehow you don't have German, Icelandic, Swedish, English, Indian, Japanese, Chinese immigrants interested in politics because they see a somewhat working system close to the system they came from. The only people who show an interest in politics are the ones from shitholes, who somehow have convinced Tue progressive traitors that Tue west can import some valuable political idea from a place that nobody wants to emigrate into and apparently everybody wants to get out of.

I will not write about the media patting its back, proud that it somehow proved the Finns party's ties with anti Islamists, when the guy the Finns are apparently against are the only ones actively participating in "death to the west" rallies.

I will not write about the vibrants who hang around bus stops all day to talk to women, and even follow them when rejected, paid by the state, nor will I write about guys that are uneducatable, hanging in high class clubs every effing weekend as the state provides them with "disco money", while the working man has to budget his going outs.

That means me not writing about my conversation with another foreigner saying "Dude, the danger is not the Finn. Every time I am out, I am risking a fight with vibrant 1 and vibrant 2... Not yet have I had a problem with a Finn, but these fuckers are itching for a fight.", of course the media portrays this once again as the Finns' fault.

Means I will not write about the middle easterners who intentionally sit across us, shout some obscenities, and try to drill their eyes into mine when they see me ptalking with two middle easterners, or Tue Africans who looked at me as if the would plunge a machete through ky stomach because I was being friendly with an mulatto  art friend of mine. Nor will I write about the hypocrisy that these same groups complain about racism, and Tue throw avid into one of their girls' face when she is seen with a westerner. And as usual, the media portrays the Finns not liking their women copulating with parasites as racists, but ignores the fact that it is these parasites committing honor violence, and blames the Finns' racism for honor violence acted on a vibrant by a vibrant because of the vibrant culture.
I will not write about these stuff, because I cannot solve them, and the whole establishment is in treason against its own people. I need to keep my sanity.

Nor will I write about the vibrant who spent half his time as bartender in some dive bar, and the other half on welfare, driving an Audi Q6 jeep, when the working man has to count every penny when buying a car, nor the vibrant, unemployed, never employed, fathering four children from four women, when the working man has to plan the finances for child, assuming is finds a woman that deems him worthy for spawning non-bastards. Bastards be subsidized by daddy government, non-bastards not. And anyway, it is kind of cool to be the incubator for a half parasite. Oh, so cool.

Nor will I write about the Finnish kid bullied by two pieces of vibrant candy, the video put on YouTube, thousands of views, media... cricket cricket. Oh, yea, full page article on some vibrant bumblebee, dressed like a thug, hoodie, sagging jeans, 100 euro sneakers, complaining about the funny looks he gets.

Nor will I write about the people with patents to their names having to renew visas every year, while unicorns full time employed as welfare recipients for years no end get permanent visas... And we got an economic crisis? No shit.

Not even going into the assault, and rape statistics, because numbers be racissss. Not into every fight I witnessed involving a vibrant, usually as the first puncher. Nope. Light that reflects us what is in front of us, be racissss. Oh, forgot. Will not write about two vibrants gangraping a 15 year old girl, and getting one year probation. The media, instead of this, reports that the police is monitoring the net for racissss comments about this event. Any comment I will write about this will be racissss, as it is impossible as a decent human being to write anything else. Oh, wait again. Does Tue media report the Facebook and forum comments by vibrants that "The bitch deserved it". Of course not. Because the vibrants can not hold any racissss thoughts now can they? Vibrants' hate smells of humanist flowers. Then, maybe, just maybe, the media thinks that sex is a right for vibrants and the bitch deserved it because she did not want to service some angelic vibrants. Ok, I admit, there will be a post about the vibrants' and only vibrants' right to getting sexed.

I will not mention the street I avoid because of a community center that thinks the street belongs to that one centre's community, and looking at passer bys, until they pass by, always in multiple pairs of eyes. Yea, media cherishes this as the safety of the community, which means the non-safety of everybody else.

There were some more things I will not be writing about, but memory tricks me.
I will though, write about the educated, working class  middle easterner girls calling other vibrants street dogs, and not stopping there.

Now, multiculti shitheads traitors, you can't call a vibrant racist, can you?

Fucking insane dogs is what you are.

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