Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The most effective bitchblock ever

Summer time, being outside in good weather, recovering inside in bad weather, trying to create during worktime, good stories happening, good memories added to the book of life.

That day I was dead tired. I still went out with some friends. Lesson to self: when tired, sleep.

We were on the dancefloor, me basically cursing at the dj for playing music from the eighties and nineties. Creme de la crap stuff. Then I see her.

Looks like the woman of the lanister midget from game of thrones. Bit shorter, bit cuter, much younger, and definitely more innocent. Missing is the thousand yard stare.

Catch her looking at me. Does not take her eyes away for a time that defines eternity in this land where eye contact is reduced to trying to spot a fast turning head. Even eternity ends. She puts her eyes down. One. Two. Three. Back up.

Then I walk up to her, hi. Hi. Decide to acknowledge her group. Three over the hill chubsters, and one who I will retrospectively name wo-beast. Done. Back to her.

"You make me all red" she says. The girl is blushing. Damn. Cute.

Some words, and I see, from the corner of my eye, a mass moving. Wo-beast here close to the girl says something.

Redcheeks turns to me "You look like David Hasselhof"

Agree, amplify, and mentally note that a bitchblock is being set up. Let first one slide, could be that I do look like the nightrider to wo-beast.

Wo-beasts mass moves again close to Redcheeks, says something to her ear, and Redcheeks asks my age.

Some play there, getting guessed 40, smiling, saying Damn that would've been great,

When I see Wo-beast preparing to say something again, I decide to interjected, cut the bitchblock from its roots.

"I'll have your friend for a few more minutes, you can handle her safety for that time without interrupting us." Is what I got in my head.

Until I turn.

Until I see with my eye what has all the time been in the corner of my eye, what I just glimpsed at in the initial moments.

Words flow back down my throat, bile comes up. My breath gets short, I can smell the putrid acid in ky breath.

Short girl, wider than tall. Arms bigger than mine, short, puffy and layers of fat. Built like an oversized ball with arms protruding. A round face. Even the forehead must have fat as the eyes were deep, way deep in the face.

I can't open my mouth. I am trying to keep ky stomach down.

Had she been a nice human being with copious amounts of fat, this would not be the situation. Overweight people that have humanity in them, decency and dignity in them, I got no problem with. Especially the ones in the gym, in the forest running paths, on the bicycles to work.

But the behavior, the rudeness, the unpleasantry, the smudge look in her face. The happiness in having shat on a possible connection.


So I turn back to Redcheeks, manage to get thirty more seconds until fat fucking wo-beast interrupts by holding her hand, pulling her.

I turn, this time a about to say Fuck off, kindly.

Words scare down, bile rises up. Mouth shuts. Revulsion builds up.

So I grab the girls arm, pull her to me.

Wo-beast comes along.

I once again want to say something, but at this moment, looking into those ugly eyes happy with triumph of having fucked up a good situation, into those dark, soulless eyes, I literally feel bile rising to the thought of having to interact with this ugly shit piece of soul that has eaten away its humanity with only filth left behind.

I swallow. I have to do this for Redcheeks.

Nope. Stomach muscles not agreeing. Even the image Redcheeks lying naked and sweaty in my bed cannot stop the volcano rising.

Wo-beast pulls Redcheeks away into the chubster circle with her sausage fingers connected to a ball of palm, making all look like a blown up latex glove.

Could not rescue Redcheeks from that diseased putrid soul. Even now thinking about the evil, ugly, diseased, putrid, rotten soul that I saw in those eyes buried in face fat, my throat tenses.

Had she been a nice person, now I would remember her as one of the pleasant people I met in the night, overweight or not, and wished her luck for her life. But she was not. She chose not to be.



  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    Don't worry, she's got hers coming:

    Fat shaming isn't about hate - it's about saving lives.

  2. If the girl wanted to stick with you she couldn't have been pulled away. Better luck next time.