Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kill that brainwashed sucker inside you

Meeting her for the second time, shy girl, signs of her being good company, knows damn well how to combine sexy and classy, and a damn fine dame.

Venue is too loud, conversation flowing slow, her friend is also being good company, venue change not currently possible, and the dj sucks big time.

No problem, she leans forward to talk with her friend, who has been the total opposite of a cockblock, my hand goes to the shoulder.

First am gentle, then I squeeze. I love to squeeze.

She turns with a pained look in her face,
I reply "Mmmmmmm",
She turns back to her friend, I continue with the shoulder. Then the neck, the I catch the sucker in ky head thinking
"I can ask her to tell me if she wants me to stop"

She has shown no sign of discomfort except some realized pain, to which she presented her shoulder back to me... WTF is the sucker inside my head doing?He is doing what he has been thought to be doing. Being all sensitive and supporting, and robbing her of future possibilities of sky high pleasure. All in the name of being a good man. Like the project... I silence the sucker;
Move to the neck, caressing and playing with hair.
The wool shirt goes off, exposing bare shoulders and neck.

The sucker, again,
"I can ask her to tell me if she wants me to stop"
Bitchslapped back to silence.

I am squeezing the back of her neckx, slightly pulling her hair, to which she turns to me and looks at me, accusingly, says nothing, and goes back talking to her friend while presenting her neck.

I am enjoying every second of this when the sicker tries to break the silence again,
"I can ask her to tell me if she wants me to stop"
... I stop what I am doing, my hand resting on the warm, welcoming neck, and do a three second battle in ky head.

The brainwashed sucker who now and then decides to show his face, and voice his objections of me doing what I want to do, and what I got to do, and what I should do, is once again buried under six feet of fucker concrete. The sucker zombie now and then manages to surface, but the more you kill him, the easier it gets to kill him later.

With experience you learn that the sucker leaves you unsatisfied, the woman disappointed and unsatisfied;

Killing him softly, every time results in pleasure for you and her.

The brainwashing is so strong that the sucker may be immortal by now, but my balls produce enough fuckers concrete to bury him deep almost every time.

Payer dearly for the few times I listened to the sucker. By lost opportunities, by lost years.

May that be a lesson for you.

There is an enemy inside your head, take the red pill to identify him, use your balls to bury him deep.

Incapacitate in any way possible.

You owe it to yourself and the man starved womanfolk out there.

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2012

    Great post. I remember when I sacked up and started actually trying to pick up girls how difficult it was to convince myself that even touching a girl was actually OK and that I wouldn't turn to ash or be called a creep for doing so. When I mentioned this to a natural I'm friends with he told me: "Let them do all the work, never reject yourself." Words to live by.