Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Masturbation kills the King of the Dongs

I wrote about my no-porn experiment and the horrorful lesson I had to go through. I learned that porn murders my dick's soul.

My no masturbation experiment was even longer.

Over one hundred ninety days, I had not masturbated.

190 days

6 months

Half year

27 weeks

I did not masturbate.

Even the porn slip ups cured themselves in around three days because I had not emptied my balls by myself.

No problem in getting hard with a naked girl,

Problem with getting hard at the sight of a girl with a bikini in the public sauna,

Problem with getting hard at the sight of an athlete girl doing deadlifts in the gym

Problem with getting hard at work because I was texting with a girl

At the gym, breaking record after record

Work, getting better and better. Motivated and persistent.

A half year that was more productive than the last three years combined.

Flight of the Dickarus...

Then two weeks ago, a moment of weakness happened. Was home for holiday, returned from sunshine to an empty city still under the throes of a fucking long depressing winter. in the same time my private life took a big hit due to some circumstances.

It was friday afternoon, a girl asked if she could come over, I decided I'd rather sleep.

I went to bed, in my misery I went back to the thing that I thought was medicine in my previous life.

When I passed the point of no return, I could not return.

The experiment of no masturbation was over.

And how wrong was I about the thing that had been advertised to me as a cure to my uncontrolled horniness, to my sexual pressure, to my tension. Fucking wrong. 

Dickarus crashed. Did not even crash land.

Fucking crashed.

The short sleep was fucked up.

I woke up, only to call the girl over. She came, but I did not get hard. My Flying Dickarus was like a Deadaurus.

From storm-resistant hard (even unwanted) hard ons, I went to not-even-flapping-in-the-storm dead grass.

After some fooling around I managed to get some overripe banana dick.

Few days later I was back to my slightly Flying Dickarus.

Took a week and my steady dose of the cocoa and fish oil cure to have to run around the house in the morning unable to pee anywhere else but the ceiling. 

It is telling that in my whole life I had four such cases of limp dick.

With the first girl I ever tried to sleep.
With a girl who joyfully claimed "What is so bad if I get pregnant"
Slip up in no-porn experiment
Slip up in no-masturbation experiment

With these results, with this knowledge, trauma and recovery.. What do I choose?

Do I choose what everybody is doing, watch porn and jerk off as a release,
Will I choose to release only with a female, and pass the false release with my hands, and see my work, gym and sex life fly to the skies?

I choose,

The Flight of the Dickarus

Even the sun cannot stop this Dickarus.

Let you dick fly high, boys. 


  1. To clarify, was this masturbation with or without porn?

  2. Browsed through some erotica, but the jerk was without the browsers open, a mix of erotica and a mix of memories.

    Two days after, jerked to memories only, and had the similar immediate after effect of feeling a fog over general motivation.

    My conclusion is that porn is the worst offender, then comes nude pics. But even then, masturbation is not without side effects.

    Only way to know, is to stop.

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  4. I'd like to see a detailed post on your diet. I have switched to paleo but I am trying to fine tune it. I think I still have too much sugar though. How much fruit do you eat? What about honey? Do you need coffee? What vegetables do you eat or is your diet mainly meat? I must say raw cocoa with hot water is better than I thought. I like the bitter taste.

    1. That's the thing, n=1. You start, then you fine tune.

      For example, dairy. I tried many cheeses that are not overly priced (Finnish taxation), and found that only a traditional type of Finnish cheese does not give me bloats or a foggy feeling. Have to stay away from most other cheeses from finnish companies.

      When I am on paleo and not a cheat day, I try to eat the fruit only after training, in the evenings, and since I have cut out the daytime after lunch and breakfast fruit, I seem to do better.

      But I do have a half tea spoons of honey in my twice daily cocoa drinks, and 4-5 dates immediately after training.

      Food is pretty simple:

      Butter, coconut oil, good amount of frozen veggies, meat/fish/cheese; dessert cocoa+honey in daytime, fruit in evening.

      Been trying to add olive oil to the later meals, but forget it.

      Also am taking 10.000 iu vit d per day, vit k, and during winter lethargy, was taking a multivitamin supplement.

      Once you start eating simple, clean , unprocessed food, you then can feel what foods don't help you and test.

      When you eat processed, and grains, that is impossible.

      Last eve, had a cheat day, and had the worst sleep, my tongue is burning and my intestines are on a riot now. Lesson taken, but will repeat after a few weeks.

      Without the processed crap, it is easy to figure out stuff. That is how I found good eggs, for example, by checking dandruff the evening of a four egg breakfast.

      Sounds stupid, but works.

      You are what you eat, where you eat etc, and so is the chicken. It all gets passed to the next on the hierarchy. Chicken eats shit, you eat shit, you turn into snowman.

      Chicken is happy, your hair shines.

      Drink many glasses tea throughout the day, green, mate, roibos, fruit, oolong..

      Have to-three cups of fresh ground coffee done like espresso per day. since I have addictive tendencies towards coffee, limit myself to three, otherwise I lose the rope.