Monday, April 01, 2013

State declares rape as less criminal than stopping it

For the 1st of April, I publish a serious post, about what could have been considered the state playing April's fools on it's lawful citizens.

Wrote this 11 months ago, in the beginning of  May 2012, but never published it.

The things that happened in the last 11 months, the laws that passed, the laws that were proposed, sadly proved that the state/EUSSR is not joking and is bent on destroying free speech, free thought, and the right to self defense of a person and of people.

Stalin and Mao must be dancing in their graves.

Here is my April's fools. Where the Law Abiding European is the Fool of the Century. In the tragedy that is yet to be documented.

--- May 2012 ---

Last week I wrote a post about a news item I read, where it was written that the prosecutor was asking six months for two men who kidnapped a girl, beat her, threw her to the wall, tied her to a chair, threw her with the chair to the wall, threatened with plucking her eyes out.

While I was in shock about that joke of a charge, I had to read that the same prosecutor was asking for one and a half years for the girl who stabbed one of the guys in the chest in order to escape.

Then I realized something.

This is the state doing it.

The state has criminalized self defense. I knew it was so for western men for a long time, but this was the first time I read about the state criminalizing female self defense.

Of course there is the thing that if a female attacks a law abiding man, it is likely that she will get off scott free, and even if small, there is a probability of the man being sued. Not so for criminals.

If female self defense has been criminalized, what else does that say?

The state is saying that if you see a rape and intervene to stop the rape, and the rapist gets a scratch, you will be charged to an extent more than what the rapist will be charged with.

And since he is the criminal, you are the law abiding citizen, if he stabs you, you will still be sued.

The state is saying let the rapist rape, if you intervene you will be charged for criminal action.

In effect the state has declared rape to be more legal that stopping rape.

It has done this by charging self defense more than the criminal act leading to the self defense.

Next time you see a rape, says the state, walk away, then when far enough, call the police.

Since, with the way things are going, calling the police on the rapist and causing him stress will also be illegal.

In the meantime, the news outlets are going gaga over a rape where people walked by, oh the social crisis....; but are totally silent about a vibrating gangrape where the perpetrators were convicted to one year of probation; as in; hang out in downtown but behave. If anyone stopped the rape, they would likely be charged, possibly with racism, so why bother?How many people know the exact moves to put a violent rapist into submission without harming a feather on his delicate skin?

If the state has criminalized self defense, it has criminalized defending others, and living with guilt of not helping is better than living in prison for helping or living in the cemetery because of the criminal's right to self defense, who is, sentenced to behaving downtown on probation.

State does not say rape,
But state says, let the rapist rape.

 As a law abiding citizen, better listen to what the state says.

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