Sunday, September 22, 2013

The hamster is batcrap insane

"Tomorrow I will go to ClubABC", she said

"Heh, lot's of drunk sausages in that place, you'll like it", I said

"Noo. Drunk guys are disgusting"

"Come on. Some guy coming over going "weaaaaggooaaaaabluaaaa" must be fun"

"No. And it's only the drunk guys who come to talk to me" she said

"Well you girls are not really open and inviting to sober guys coming and talking to you..."

"Yes. True... "(10 seconds silence.. hamster revving up) ... "There is something wrong about the sober man who comes to talk to us"

"You mean he might be high or something?"


"Or he just knows way too well what to say"

"Ah yes"

"Or he is a psycho who does not have the shy nerve"

"Definitely yes."

"So drunk is the only way you'll talk with a guy?"

"I guess so"

Standing ovation for the hamster. 

Btw, girl is marriage material from the point of conventional understanding.

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