Sunday, September 15, 2013

What could be the value of a female mule?

Sugar and spice, all things nice...

When you see the choices women make, you start changing that into

Sugar and spice, ii aa ii aa oo...

I am all for having fun.

Laughter is a part of my life, making others laugh, is a pleasure.

Slapping butts is a pleasure in itself. The tingling in my hand, the sound in my ear and the wobbling of a well taken care of butt, heavenly pleasure.

Having said that,

Seeing a twenty year old girl who has been hit on by a number of men in the night, giving the snobbish face to a kid, only for him to jump on her back, slapping her, and getting a piggyback ride from the girl in a full bar, and then seeing the girl's attitude change, and smooch the kid and leave with him... All in five minutes.

One. Respect for the kid. Take my hat off.

Two. How can I respect a strong independent and emancipated western woman who decides to go home with the guy who treats her like a mule? A donkey?  A piggy to ride?

It was one of the few incidents I am happy to have observed.

Glad I am in the generation where women still have some femininity left.

Maybe i am being too critical, and not open minded.


But knowing that one day the mule, the girl who rewarded being treated like a mule, in front of her friends, will go "You need to prove to me you love me"; "I want to be treated like a lady"; "I am not easy.."

Maybe being critical has to be done by more men who do not ride women like mules in front of her friends...

And kudos to the piggyback rider. Knowing what the woman wants, where she values herself, what she will reward.

Go on little Cowboy. I fully endorse what you do, ride them the way they have valued themselves.

It just shows there is no limit on the amount of public degradation that can be dished out and still get rewarded for it.

Princesses, my ass.

Fuck it if i am being too critical.

Fuck. Even whores do not get treated like mules in public.

I am a woman, hear me aaaiiiaaaoooo....

Go MuleBoy, Go. you figured it out. 

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