Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Young man; yes, you are the frog, she is the princess. For now.

Comment I left at laidnyc

For any man in his early twenties, interacting with girls in their early twenties.

Taking into account that you're reading this site and others, you are putting in the work, improving yourself, your life, and respecting your balls;

All the bitching, the flaking, the attitude you will unavoidably get, means nothing.

Considering attractive women:

A woman in her early twenties is in her peak. She will never be in the same place again. No matter what they say, it will go downhill from here. Her personality might improve over time, but this will not have an effect on the attention she gets, especially compared to her early twenties.

she is in the peak of her life.

Now you, young man,

You are in the lowest of your next ten years. For you, the only way is up. With the caveat mentioned above, your sexual life will only get better. Even when you are an old fart of age 35, if you keep in shape, if you have your finances straight, if you know what to say, and what to do, you have no competition.

You are right now in the shittiest place you will be in the next ten years.

You, pretty much a lowlife in respect to your next ten years, are interacting with a princess who is in her peak for the rest of her life.

That's why the attitude is to be expected,
But that is also why it does not matter.

Your journey is uphill with ever increasing opportunities,
Her journey is downhill, with ever decreasing opportunities.

Why do you think they cry about the man-child, and no good men, once they hit thirsty thirty?

Men children are playing real life Leisure Suit Larry,
The good men are making good of their goodness.


  1. Trust me lads life doesn't finish at 35 either. I would say that the older you get the wider the scale of women are available. I was recently heavily involved with one 22 years younger and recently had a one day with a 22 yo making a 33 year age difference. It only gets better if you have even your basic act together.

  2. Thanks for your comment. With all the assault and shaming on young men done by media, women and society in this context, few men are standing up ant telling the truth.

    The interesting part of your comment is the "even your basic act together" part. So no need to be a God. So it is possible.

  3. Hell yes it is, and no matter how much I want to protest the general notion that I, as a woman, reached my peak at early twenties (which I didn't), I do have to agree with the generalisation here. (Avoiding hitting the peak nearing 30 has a lot to do with avoiding becoming that sainted mother figure you wrote about in another post.) But yes, men do get better with age, and the best part of them is that they are starting to get some standards that women have to live up to. Until then, like you said, bottom feeders.

  4. Rather than being bottom feeders, young men need to know the young woman is living in a fake abundance, an abundance that will not last, but can be compared to Gene Simmons' abundance in his heydays.

    This abundance is the reason why women can diss men because they made a typo in a text. This abundance will make a man judge himself and his existence, unless he is aware of it.