Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Game or die

Early twenties, attractive, sweet, friendly, and very cute girl, cock count under half meter, practically virgin.

This girl; "perfect" long term potential; this is the girl you, young man, are trying to date through your social circle.

Enter my buddy, Gunnar Speedfuckersson.

Gunnar meets this girl. Invites her to a party.

In this party this girl meets:

An old shag buddy of Gunnar.  
Last night's shag of Gunnar.
A future shag Gunnar is working on.
A recent missed shag because Gunnar shagged her BFF.
And another possible old shag of Gunnar.

Girls all chat.  "How do you know Gunnar".. gunnn gunnn gunnn...

Few days later Gunnar is in her place, she is not ready, he leaves, calls her prude, calls her old fashioned, calls her a waste of his time.

Another few days later she is begging for Gunnar to come over saying she has nothing on.

Now young man;

Do you take this girl out on a dinner, and treat her with respect and dignity,

Or, do you take a lesson and realize what they want in their prime is Gunnar & Co, no matter how slow or fast they are?

Here is a very, very important piece of information that I want you to understand: Gunnar was you, ten years ago.

Gunnar saw the light, and took the flight. No more gentleman with blue balls, no more good friend with a shoulder cushion.

No, now it's, "Don't waste my time if you'll not to the Gunnar Rodeo with me". 
And you know what, the guy is having rodeo with a full herd of cute little deer.

It is easy to take home the message, "All girls are sluts". Which is wrong. Though, "There is a slut in every girl", might not be wrong.

The one girl in the party who is already alcoholic, and has tried a myriad of drugs, and she is way past the 500 miles of Peg-D; in her early twenties, yes, that one is a totally sexually empowered bucket;

The girl in the story, maybe 50 cm of Peg-D; your neighborhood girl that was also sweet and charming.

The lesson is this: They both reward the same type of behavior, or the same type of man. Behavior makes the man, man makes the behavior is irrelevant at this stage.

The girl you'd call slut and the girl you'd call a Madonna, want the same guy, and this is the take home message.

It is not that "players" only sleep with sluts;
It is that "players" sleep with sluts, and nice girls and everything above, below and in between; and you got to know, the borders are not well defined.  

I used the "players" in quotes because Gunnar is just a man who does what he wants. He does not fit the typical player image portrayed by the media. Gunnar was you, and he chose to adapt.

Your choice, young man,

Are you going to live in sexual abundance, and then one day choose who you will take as your woman, be happy and make her happy,

Or are you going to live in scarcity, and then one day choose from the left overs, and try to make her happy, try...try.. and try..., live in a scarcity of happiness?

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  1. Hey man, what's up? You've been pretty inactive for a couple of years. How come?