Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter to my friend: It's her choice to be a sex toy

I rarely write about my friends and my conversations with them. In my new direction of helping young men by balancing the brain washing with the truth, this is a necessary step that I need to take. Out there are millions of young bright men whose life are being utterly destroyed by the brainwashing of the media, society and the extension, women.

When talking about different styles of men around us, the one particular incident you mentioned had caught your attention.

Man hangs out with girl, you meet them many times, and everytime you ask him "your girlfriend?", he openly in front of her declares "No".

You were angry at this, and said that "I know the Finnish girls, they don't like it"

When I told you the next day, "They must like it, ort hey would not do it", you got angry at me, saying you know them better than me.

You might know them better than me, but your reaction tells me you utterly fail to observe. But I know you observe, I know it, your words of the past tell me you do, but you cannot accept it. There is pain in accepting that there are women who'd rather be sex toys, than be dating good men.

And this is why I write this, risking our friendship. If you get to read this, it might help you in some way. If any young man gets to read this, it might help him. In these times of society's treason to productive good men, this is a price I would pay for bringing some good to the world. 

"The girls do not like it"

Dunno man, their actions say otherwise.

For one, I know this man is honest: In front of the girl he tells you "No". So she knows she is a fucktoy, and you've seen them many times, so she is OK with being a fucktoy.

You being angry at him, I don't give two fucks, except that it is harming you.

That is why I write.

You are harming yourself.

Look, I am not saying "All girls are sluts"; not even saying, "Those girls are sluts"... or.. "There are sluts, there are good girls"...

I am saying,

"If she likes to fuck his dick, suck his dick, open her virgin ass to his dick; it is her choice. If she does not like that choice, so fucking what? Booo-hooo. She chose it. Out here are thousands of good men who are ignored by these poor cumbuckets. If she does not like it, she would not fuck him; and if she doesn't like it she shouldn't fuck him. Women have the vote, women can kill their unborn, but they are poor creatures when getting fucked in every hole by a man who doesn't give two shits about them? Some girls really suffer that much that they even try to get their girlfriends in on the action. Oh what poor creatures they must be to suffer like that. Are we not equal? Are men and women not equal? So why let her not choose who to fuck?"

You, young man, cannot control women, you cannot rescue them. You can only choose your response.

Your response can be:

"I don't mind dating a fucktoy"


"I'll fuck a fucktoy, but not date"


"I'll not touch a fucktoy with a ten meter pole"


There are few respnses a man can have but

"She is a fucktoy, and she does not like it, it is his fault"

Is damaging to you. He did not do anything. He did not force her. She opened, he unloaded.

Even "Some women are sluts, some women are not" king of wrong thinking is not as damaging to a man's life as not letting a fucktoy enjoy the responsibilities and pleasures that come from the choice of making her a cumbucket.

You don't like it, don't suck it...

If, on the other hand, women do not have the capability to choose the simplest thing, i.e. which dick to allow to unload sperm, how can you state that women and men are equal?

I do not give two shits about this equality being wrong or right, in our context. What is important is this contradiction will destroy your sanity, destroy your life.

Another contradiction; if you know these women don't like it, that means they are talking to you about it. So, you are worthy of their intimate secrets, like "he fucked me in the ass, I enjoyed it, let him do it again and again, but I am not happy because he does not date me", but you are not worthy of their by now running loose asshole?

Look, like I said, even the madonna whore dichotomy is less damaging to you than this thinking, young man.

At least then you can say, "Ehhh. They are sluts"; and you'd be right half of the time (more reporting about this later), or you can say "The girls who are not sluts would not do this", and half of the time you would have a working selection criteria,

But, if you say ,

"She fucked this dick, she sucked this dick, she opened her virgin ass cherry to this dick, knowing full well he doesn't give two shits about her, but she is still a good girl, a delicate flower, sugar, spice little princess, an angel walking these earths, and is not happy because he will not commit, so he is a bad man"

I cannot come up with anything more damaging to yourself.

If these girls wanted what you offered, they'd be sucking your dick,
But they want to be fucktoys, and you are angry at the men who present the cock, for which, one criteria is to not give two shits about her.

You respect something which doesn't respect itself.

I am one voice among thousands that want you a slave, the media telling you that women are equal but men should not use them; society telling you women are delicate flowers and that you are a pig when you get to hear real life stories of ass to mouth; and women complaining to you about their sadness that the men do not commit to them, their breath stinking of sperm that was deposited as free protein.
Yes, my anger, you can hear it. And it is legit. Seeing so many men suffer, and then still be blamed for the "suffering" of women who make the choice to fuck the "suffering"...

One voice in thousand mouths of Devil does not owe anybody calmness or softness.

My friend, telling you this, with a slight chance of making you see the damage, is worth losing you.

Preventing this damage you is worth losing you.

 I have lost many. But my conscious is clear, because I rescued some. 

I write, because I care for you.

I make you angry because I care for you.

And I care for you too, the young man reading this,  who I don't know.

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