Monday, June 06, 2005

Desperate move, or protective instincts?

When a man talks to a girl, and another man sees it, sometimes we have this incident that the watcher, upon having the opportunity, goes up to the girl and says stuff like:

“That guy you are talking to is a player..”

“Do you know he is dating more than one girl?”

“He is like this… like that… bla bla bla”

The list can be made infinite.

The funny thing is, if the girl has even a little self esteem, this talk she had with the second man will turn out to be after-sex talk with the man he was accusing, the player, the bastard, the whatever, even if it may have been true..

Reason I am writing this is that I do not want my fellow men to fall into this trap; it makes them comics characters for the morning to come…

Not that it bothers me to have something to laugh about…

Happened to me a few times, and has happened to friends a few times… Almost all the time, the second guy ended up as the jackass on the next day’s beer table…

And if the guy succeeded in his sabotage, congratulations, you made some enemies….

So please, either flirt with the girl, or shut up,

If you don’t want to end up like:

“Haha.. You know what that guy told me about you?”

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