Tuesday, June 07, 2005

From hero to zero...

The visitor comes from London to Tampere for a weekend. The only thing he knows about this town is the name, Tampere.

The host takes him out.

When they are walking back home from the bar, both pissed drunk, the visitor starts a chat with two girls on the street. The host waits for him to get shot down, but things are going well. He waits for a while, as the visitor doesn't have the key to his place. But things are actually going very well as they start to kiss. So he goes and tells to the visitor that he is leaving and he should call him when he is done. Host goes home, sends the visitor an SMS to remind him to call when he is done and goes to sleep.

He wakes up with the phone call, gets up and before answering sees "Twenty six" missed calls...


So what happened

Visitor talking to the girls, manages to persuade the ladies to an afterparty in the host's place. So the visitor and two girls started to walk to the hosts place.

But the thing is no one knows where the hosts place is.

The visitor is desperately trying to remember, where the place was and in the meantime he calls the host constantly.

But no answer...

Calls again...

No answer...

Leaves a message,

"Brother, I got two chicks coming to your place, please answer"

Then girls leave a message,

"Hello, we are coming waaaakeee uuupp

More calls, no answer...

The girls still asking to go to host's place, call few more times, no answer...

They are wandering in the streets of Tampere, desperately trying to find the place. However, the girls get suspicious of the situation, and they bail out...

Two minutes ago, the visitor was the king of the world with two girls coming with him. Now he is outside left alone, no place to go, don't know where the home is.

But he keeps trying to wake his buddy up. No hope though. He leaves a message:

"Look fucker, I had two girls, they were coming to your place. They were coming to FUCK you fucker. But you fucked it up. I was trying to find the place, couldn't find it. Girls became suspicious, and they left home. I wanted to go with them but they said no.

Now I am outside, going to sleep on the bench. I am begging you, please wake up and find me or call me or do something."

No call...

Then he leaves another message, this time his voice is so low and so sad
"Look buddy, I found your apartment, rang your doorbell but you don't wake up. I will be sleeping on the bench at the park next to your apartment. So when you get this message, please find me"

After seeing twenty-six missed calls, the host feels something had happened, but due to alcohol in his blood and the sleep he cannot fully understand the situation.

So he asks, just after he answers the phone

"Were you lucky?"

"Fuck you big time, FUCK YOU"

(Thanks goes to the "host" for proofreading this text)

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