Monday, June 06, 2005

Difficult girls - By a friend

He sent this to me for Finndistan:

I am leaving old bricks inn, going upstairs to the exit door and suddenly a lady stops me and asks:
- hey are you french?
- yes (not really :) )
lady's face changes and with a smile:
- well it is obvious anyway from your looks (there are many adjectives now to be called for her huh?..)
I say:
- i gotta go, my friends are waiting me outside, but how about you give me a kiss before I leave.
- sure I will kiss you, from the cheek though..
- C'mon you found a French man, you should give a french kiss
- OK
All conversation took around 20 seconds and I was french kissing with her.

Me and two other Turkish are having Pizza after a long night, around 4 am. Talking in Turkish, usual guy stuff. Then a lady comes and says:
- Are you talking in French?
my friend answers (with a French accent)
- Yeees...
Fifteen minutes later, they were taking a cab to his place.

Again, me and two other Turkish had Pizza after a long night, around 4 am. We left the Pizza place and started walking home. A lady was walking to opposite direction, when my friend said "Hi". Ten minutes later they were walking home together .. (whether they found home is another story)"

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